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Taking Shape Excerpt

This is an adult excerpt...you've been warned!

Taking Shape
Copyright Tielle St. Clare
Release date December 31, 2009!

Setup: Nick is a shapeshifter who can turn into anything he touches. He is in the form of Tally's boyfriend. He shouldn't make love to her but some temptations are too strong to resist.

A footstep on her top stair gave her a jolt. She sat up, clutching the blanket around her. He stepped into the room. The light of surprise in his eyes matched hers.

“You’re still here.” The breathless pleasure of her voice curled through his insides like streaks of fire. His cock rose, stretching to reach her. Even as he told himself this was a bad idea, he placed one knee on the mattress and crawled onto the bed, unable to resist the chance to have her one more time. One last time.

One hand immediately went to her thigh, slipping up under the soft material of the blankets. “I thought you’d left,” she whispered.

“How could I leave you without one more taste?” He pushed the material up and out of his way, baring her pussy. “Spread your legs for me, baby. Let me see you.”

A shiver zipped through her body and flowed into his like an electrical current. The intensity of the sensation penetrated the back of his mind—the center of his shifting power. The image of Richard wavered in his brain. Nick clamped down on the picture, locking it into place.

Tally pushed her legs apart and the intriguing scent of her arousal again commanded his senses. He bent over and placed a light kiss on the very top of her sex, teasing her clit with his tongue. Her body tightened, tensing with the delicate stroke. More liquid flowed down her pussy and Nick couldn’t resist. He placed the flat of his tongue at her opening and licked long and up, gathering her taste. The picture in his brain shimmered. His form—his natural form was fighting to come through. His jaw tightened as he struggled to control the shape.

He jerked back, knowing the abruptness startled her.


“Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you, baby.” He pushed his finger into her pussy, filling the place where his tongue longed to touch. He should leave—this was dangerous—but there was no way he could deny his body this pleasure. He had to have her. One last time. “Roll over.”

The heat in her eyes flashed for a moment and he wondered again if he’d made a mistake, if this was one of the ways that Richard didn’t like to fuck. Damn, is the man just stupid? He has a sexual, sensual creature like this to take to bed and he doesn’t take advantage of it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when she didn’t move. He’d moved into another tricky area. Maybe she didn’t like it from behind. Tension clamped down his shoulders as he waited for her answer.

“You’ve just never wanted to do it like this before.” The blush on her cheeks made him harder.

“That was before I saw your ass in those silk pants you wore tonight.” He pumped his finger into her again and felt her grip him. “I’ve been thinking about it all night.” It was the truth, as far as it went. In reality, he’d been thinking about it since he’d first seen her wearing a skirt. He rubbed his hand across her stomach. “Imagining how it will feel to fuck you hard and deep. Have you push back against me.” His words sent the images into his brain, weakening the control he had on his form. “Roll over,” he urged. She groaned and twisted as if the combined prompting of his hands and his words were too much. “That’s it, baby.”

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Book Cover!

Here is the cover for Taking Shape. It's coming out January 1 and don't you just want to lick your computer screen? Yummy!

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Taking Shape Release Date and Excerpt

So I just got word that "Taking Shape" is going to re-released on January 1, 2010. Taking Shape was originally part of the Transformations Anthology that was centered around unusual shapeshifters. Nick is certainly that. He can turn into anything he touches (even inanimate objects). He uses his unusual talent to get close to Tally who he's investigating for corporate theft. And get close to her he does...in so many ways.

It's sexy and fun and I really enjoyed writing it. Here's a brief, G-rated excerpt. Nick has turned himself into a puppy and appeared on Tally's doorstep. It's later that night...

Taking Shape by Tielle St. Clare
January 1, 2010

Nick stared at the closed bathroom door and wondered if it was safe to risk changing into his human form. This puppy mind was driving him nuts. The puppy had no control over his reactions. Every emotion Nick felt the dog immediately amplified and showed. He briefly wondered if Tally thought it strange that the dog was reacting to her words.

The thought passed quickly. Nothing stayed long in this puppy’s mind.

The indignity of it all. First he’d had to pee in her backyard. Nick had been able to control the puppy enough to run behind a tree. Not that he was overly shy in his human form but he didn’t want Tally’s memories of him to be him lifting his leg.
And then she’d locked him in the bathroom for the night.

He heard a rustle of skin on sheets. Damn, I want to be with her. The puppy mind immediately reacted and the dog released a pitiful cry. And kept crying.

“Oh, puppy, please be quiet,” Tally called from the other side of the door. But he could hear the guilt in her voice. He was getting to her. He kept crying and added a little scratching to the bottom of the door. She was silent for what seemed like a long time—though it was difficult to track the passage of time with the puppy’s short attention span. Finally he heard her move. Seconds later the door popped open and he skidded back.

She was huge to him in this body but still adorable. Her scent was especially tempting. The puppy instincts took control and Nick felt his body twitch and shake with joy.

“Okay, sweetie, you can come sleep with me.”

Oh yeah. The tail whipped up into a frenzy.

She held him against her chest all the way back to the bed. She lay down and placed him beside her. He crawled over her, cuddling between her breasts as she lay on her side. The warmth and her spicy scent enveloped him. The puppy’s mind responded to Nick’s pleasure at being beside her and instantly relaxed. Everyone had gotten what they wanted. Nick felt his eyes shutting and couldn’t keep them open. The puppy was exhausted and content. There was no way he could fight sleep.

“You really are just way too cute,” Tally whispered. It was the last thing he heard before his mind faded to black.

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Post-Blog Hop Glow

I appreciate everyone who stopped by during the Trick or Treat Blog Hop. It was good fun and the eye-candy was delicious. Congratulations to all the winners!!

And enjoy a little Jude to ease you through the after glow.

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Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

Welcome to the next stop (or first stop) on the blog hop. Mine is a fairly new blog so I populated it with some excerpts from my books. If you want to check out what I write...just scroll down a bit.

Also, wanted to offer up the lovely and delicious cowboy treat. With it getting colder, I figured we could all use something hot to keep us warm.

To introduce myself, I'm Tielle St. Clare and I write erotic romance for Ellora's Cave...mostly shapeshifters (dragons and werewolves...but not together, at least not yet). My recent books (werewolves) are all M/M/F and I'm having a great time with the boys.

Commenting on each blog of the the blog tour makes you eligible to win cool prizes. Enjoy the tour and have a wickedly fun Halloween!

The next stop on your tour list is...Tina Holland

Just delicious!

Excerpt Jackson's Rise

Warning (a sort-of) adult-rated excerpt

“You can’t be serious.” Dani stared at Jackson but he didn’t move, didn’t react. Didn’t laugh and say it was all a joke. “Have you seen what I’m wearing?” She pointed to the skimpy outfit hanging on her closet door. There wasn’t much to it. The dress was fire engine red, glittered and would cover her ass but just barely. The top was a halter top that dipped low between her breasts. Her breasts would be free to sway and move with every step she took. Since they were going to this event as an upscale party crowd, the outfit was perfect, sexy and exotic.

Which made Jackson’s request even more insane.

“You want me to wear granny panties underneath that outfit?”


She looked at the underwear Jackson held in his hands. They were pale yellow and almost full briefs. The legs were cut a little high but the waistband would land right at her waist and everything would be fully covered. What was sexy about these?

“They aren’t even mine.” At least she didn’t think she had anything that ugly in her drawers.

“Yes they are. I told you I would replace the ones from last night.”

She squinted and glared. “And you bought granny panties?”

He nodded


Reign stepped out of the bathroom rubbing his hair dry with a towel. Another towel hung low around his waist, leaving his chest bare and so delectable she wanted to run her tongue across the distinct lines of his muscles. Heat swelled into her pussy and she pressed her lips together to crush a groan.

“You’re supposed to be getting dressed.”

Surely Reign would be an ally in this.

“Reign, you decide. Jackson wants me to wear those—“ She pointed to the frumpy yellow underpants. “When we go out tonight.” Knowing she had to tip the scales in her favor, she picked up the pair of panties she’d been planning to wear. “I want to wear these.” She stretched the waistband and showed the sexy lace confection. Barely there, the panties hung on her hips and were cut high, leaving large amounts of skin uncovered.

Reign’s eyes tightened and he looked at both pairs of underwear. Then he looked at her. “Are you planning on showing anyone your panties tonight?”

She scoffed. “No.”

The eyebrows on both men rose and they stared pointedly at her.

“Well, except for you two.”

“And we already know that your pussy is gorgeous. Wear those.” He nodded to the pair Jackson was holding. Dani felt her mouth drop open.

Excerpt Maxwell's Fall

Warning (fairly) adult-rated excerpt

“That’s it, honey.” The image from earlier—hell, the reality—of having her pressed against the wall, her pussy wet and hot, slick. Even without touching he knew, he could tell that she was ready. She could take him.

He ground his teeth together and drew back, fighting the beast inside him, straining every muscle.

And the faint, faded voice of conscience that nagged at the base of his skull.

He might have made it. Might have managed to pull back.

If only she hadn’t touched—her fingers stroking the taut muscles of his throat, almost scratching. As if she felt the same intense, vicious need. He stared down at her, those wide gray eyes flickering with lust and a hint of fear. The predator in him rose up, loving that bit of uncertainty, needing the chase. She would yield nicely to him.

Her lower lip trembled just a little, capturing his attention. The memory of her taste echoed through his senses and he needed more. He moved slow, not wanting to startle her, bending to brush his lips against her. Not a kiss. Just a breath, savoring the anticipation running through her veins. The hand at his neck gripped the collar of his leather jacket, as if she was using his strength to keep herself still. To resist the flight instinct.

A low rumble came from his throat, the sound more of a purr than a growl. The shy exterior hid a hunger, a need, that resonated in him.

Unable to deny himself any longer, he pressed closer, his body moving to trap her, pressing her back against the wall, his hands locked on her hip and ass.

He tilted his head to the side and pressed his mouth against hers, lips open, the need to taste building. Her tongue met his as he dipped inside, a tentative welcome that only made the wolf crave more. He groaned. The memory had been weak, insignificant to the reality of tasting her again. He drove his tongue into her mouth, conquering with the kiss. Her fingers tightened, every muscles tensing. For a moment he thought he’d pushed too far. Then a soft whimper, filled with hunger, slipped from her throat. She twirled her tongue around his and fell into the kiss. She matched him, giving as good as she got and then submitting, allowing him to take and lick and linger over every point in her mouth.

His cock throbbed, the persistent need exploding with the simple touch of her lips on his.

Fuck. There had to be something going wrong with his wolf. The full moon so close. The animal too long constrained. Something because he shouldn’t be this hard from a single kiss. The brief moment of clarity evaporated as she moaned, her fingers biting into his arms. Heat tempted him, drawing him in, deeper, until he was surrounded.

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Trick or Treat Tour!

We're doing a blog hop! You go from blog to blog and check out the Halloween Hotties that we'll each have posted. Make some comments and you'll be in line for great prizes (translated...free books!). It will be fun and cool and I need to find a hottie to post huh? Hmmm....

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Excerpt Summer's Caress

Be warned...this is an Adult-Rated Excerpt!

Deacon took the keys out of her hand and opened the door. As she stepped inside, she noticed a strange look on Trey’s face. He looked confused. The confusion turned to irritation.

Trying to act normal—though she wasn’t sure what normal was in this situation—she flicked on the lights and put her purse on the entryway table. What happened now? Did she offer them something to drink? Something to eat? Cookies, steak, me?

Right. Either way, she had to do something. She refused to let the situation get completely out of hand. She opened her mouth but the look in Trey’s eyes stopped her.

“You’ve been with another man.”

Deacon’s head snapped up and she felt the pressure of both male glares.


“I can smell him on you.”

She straightened her spine, trying to fight the urge to back up as Trey stalked forward. She lost that battle and took a step backward, ending up against the wall.

He put his fingertips on her lips. “Here.” Her throat. “Here.” The front of her blouse. “Here. You let him touch you.” He blocked her escape with his body.

“We danced. Kissed. That was it,” she said, though she wasn’t sure why she felt compelled to explain. A new and foreign desire welled up inside her—to drop to her knees and offer herself to these men in apology, to submit to whatever they wanted of her. Her knees wobbled and she had to fight the physical urge to kneel before them.

“Did you let him touch your pussy?” Deacon asked, his voice low and quiet, dangerous.

She fought the compulsion of Trey’s gaze and looked over at Deacon. “No.”

His eyes tightened as well, watching her with an angry disbelief. “He danced with you. Had those gorgeous tits unbound and pressed against him—and he didn’t touch your pussy?”

She shook her head.

Trey sank down, his arm brushing her hip as he inhaled, breathing deep near her thighs. Rebecca held herself still. She knew he was so close he had to be able to smell her pussy, her arousal. Moisture coated her thighs and she knew he sensed it.

“Why do I smell him here?” He touched her skin, just below her skirt hem.

“He tried to touch me, but I stopped him.”

“Show me,” Trey commanded, standing up and stepping back. “Lift your skirt and show us where he touched you.”

Completely on display—she considered making a break for it. Somehow, though their tempers were high right now, she didn’t think either man would hurt her. And they’d let her go if she walked away. But the desire to stay was too strong. She liked their power. Liked the way they claimed her.

She grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled it up, raising it a few inches. With one finger, she drew a line across her thigh to show where Tony had touched her.

“Pull the skirt all the way up, baby,” Deacon commanded. “We want to see if you let him get close..."

Excerpt New Year's Kiss

Zach and Mikhel watched the door close behind her, waiting until she disappeared from sight before looking at each other.

“Any chance you’re going to bow out gracefully and just let me have her?”

Zach shook his head. “Not on your life.”

“I could just take her, you know.”

“You could try.” Zach sat back down and kicked his feet onto the chair beside him. “But since we’re not part of a pack and you’re not Alpha, I have just as much right to go after her as you do.”

Mikhel glared at his friend. It had been five years since he’d moved away from his father’s pack but there hadn’t been a real need to establish one of his own. What good would a pack of two be? Besides, he didn’t want to be responsible for a bunch of werewolves who couldn’t make decisions for themselves. If the past five years had taught him nothing else, it was that he was much better suited to living in the human world.

But now there was Taylor—suddenly available—and Mikhel wanted her.

The wolf growled low in his throat, sending a warning out to any males in the area. Zach’s eyes flashed red and his lips pulled back in an instinctive snarl.

Mikhel heard the animal’s challenge at the same moment Zach seemed to recognize the sound. Both men pulled back, taking a couple seconds to shake off the intensity.

Zach sat back and shook his hair away from his face. “This is bad timing.”

The moon was waxing and would be full on New Year’s Day. As they got closer to the full moon, their wolves got stronger. The animal’s urges became more powerful and the ability for the human side to remain in control weakened. Unlike the werewolves of horror movies, they didn’t have to change at the full moon. That was merely the time when the line between human and animal thinned. It took strength and focus to keep the animal in check.

The added complication of a potential mate made things a bit more risky. And it was a woman they both wanted.

Hell. It was going to take more than an arm wrestling match to decide who got Taylor.

* * * * *

Taylor paid the cab and took a deep breath. Her heart had been pounding for the last five minutes of the drive. And off and on for the past five days. When her friends had asked her about her plans for New Year’s Eve, she’d kept it very vague. One, because she wasn’t sure Mikhel really could get tickets and two, she wasn’t sure who her date would be. She smoothed the front of her coat and started up the stairs. The doorman greeted her with a bow as he opened the massive door for her.

She stepped inside and immediately saw Zach, standing amid the tan and black couches, scanning the lobby. He looked incredible in his tux, confident and sexy as he monitored the room. A strange mixture of excitement and disappointment fluttered through her chest, leaving her more confused than ever. Had she wanted it to be Mikhel? Or would she have felt the same disappointment?

She forced herself to exhale slowly. It didn’t matter. She’d have a fun evening. Zach was gorgeous and great company.

Not that you have a chance with either one of them, she reminded herself. Mikhel is probably waiting at home for him.

Zach saw her and raised his chin in greeting. She waved back but the motion froze as Mikhel pushed himself out of one of the plush couches and stood beside Zach.

“Hi.” She didn’t bother to hide her confusion. Were they expecting her to make a choice? Now? Oh, she didn’t want to do that.


Mikhel just nodded his head.

Zach started speaking, answering her question before she could ask it.

“Well, here’s the deal. We couldn’t decide who would get to bring you tonight. And since you didn’t seem to have a clear preference…” He let it trail away, inspiring Taylor to answer. She shook her head and he continued. “We decided that we’d both escort you.”

Both? She could have both of them? Well, she wouldn’t actually be having them. Just eating dinner, maybe dancing…ooh, dancing. The thought of either of their strong masculine bodies pressed against her… Her palms started to sweat and drat, she couldn’t exactly wipe them on her dress. It would crush the silk.

“Is that all right?” Mikhel asked and she realized they were waiting for some sort of reaction from her.

“O-of course. That’s great. It will be fun.”

“Fun, right,” Mikhel muttered and she had the distinct impression that neither man was thrilled with the situation but hey, it hadn’t been her idea. And she was going to have the two sexiest escorts there.

“Let me just get rid of my coat.” She walked toward the coat check, aware that her “dates” followed her. She took off the fake fur and handed it across the counter.

“Holy God.” Mikhel’s harsh words rang through the hotel lobby causing the coat check girl to jump. Taylor froze then slowly turned, looking at Mikhel and Zach. They both stared at her, their eyes locked on her body. Zach’s lips were open, like he couldn’t quite get enough oxygen.

But it was Mikhel’s reaction that stunned her. Heat seemed to surround him and that warmth was stretching out and enveloping her, leaving her breathless.

Goodness, she’d stopped them in their tracks. Perfect. Just the reaction she’d been looking for.

Feeling feminine and sexy, she smiled. “Like it?” she asked doing a slow twirl, loving the feel of the material floating around her. The skirt was made up of four layers of silk, opening to the front so when she walked, the inside colors were revealed, along with a hint of leg. The top was truly sexy. The front dipped low, revealing a good amount of her full breasts and giving her a wicked cleavage. But the back was what made the dress so special. It was completely cut out from the tops of her shoulders to the curve of her ass. It felt deliciously sexy and wicked.

“It’s gorgeous,” Zach said.

“Take it off,” Mikhel commanded, so low that Taylor quickly decided she’d misheard him.

“I’m sorry?”

Mikhel shook his head and took a deep breath. “It’s great.”

“I told you it was the perfect dress.”

“I think it’s more the woman inside the dress that makes it that way,” Zach said. Taylor’s smile widened and Mikhel barely crushed a snarl. If Zach kept flirting with her, Mikhel was going to—Hell, he didn’t know what he was going to do.

They’d talked long and hard for the past four days, each trying to convince the other to relinquish his claim on Taylor but neither had given in. No way was Mikhel backing down on this one. Not until Taylor herself made a choice.

If they’d been in-pack, Mikhel could have ordered Zach to stay away but since he’d never formally established a pack, Zach was right. He had as much right to pursue Taylor as Mikhel did.

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Newly Arrived Blog!

I've decided to start a blog on my own. We'll see if I have enough to say!