Friday, October 9, 2015

Betas Unraveled (Lone Wolves Book 3) Available Oct. 13

Yes, book 3 in the Lone Wolves series is coming out on Tuesday. This one is a little different than the first two.  Neither wolf wants or even considers the other one a possible mate but somehow Random and Cledwyn keep finding themselves in passionate situations and well, that leads to a different kind of passion.

It's good fun and sexy.  Quite a bit of sex for a short story as I discovered when I re-read it. Didn't quite realize how much sex these boys get to have in a condensed time period.

You can read an excerpt here!

I hope you enjoy it!

Betas Unraveled
With the other Lone Wolves partnering up, Random finds himself at a loss with what to do. Thankfully, teasing the prissy, uptight Cledwyn provides him ample entertainment. 

Cledwyn values duty and responsibility. And control. He’s big on control. Random’s casual attitude about life—and his irritating flirtation—puts Cledwyn’s teeth on edge. 

Except Random's flirtation is sparking off desires Cledwyn never expected...or experienced. 

When old enemies return and threaten their Alpha, the two Betas must band together to protect their Pack…and maybe find a bit of pleasure along the way.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fortunately, Unfortunately, Which Means...

I recently gave a talk at a writer's conference about Breaking Through Writer's Block.  One of the techniques I suggested when you can't figure out what's happening next is play a game of "Fortunately/Unfortunately/Which Means..."  It's another version of "what's the worst thing that could happen to my character, and how does she respond?"

Below is a short segment I did in the shower one day. I became so fascinated by the story, I shut off the water before I'd finished bathing.  Anyway, I'm not sure I could plot a whole book like this but certainly a scene if I got stuck.

Here's what I came up with...

Fortunately, Aliens landed in the backyard.
Which means…I’ll have someone to have lunch with.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any food in the house.
Which means…they’re going to dine on my liver
Fortunately, they haven’t noticed me yet.
Which means…I can get the hell out of the house.
Unfortunately, they have noticed my 80 year old neighbor
Which means, she’s going to die.
Fortunately, she’s lived a good long life.
Which means, I can stick with my plan and get the hell out of there.
Unfortunately, my Catholic guilt won’t let me abandon her.
Which means, I’ve got to go rescue my 80 year old neighbor.

So, even in that short segment, we've learned a lot about the character.  She's excited aliens have arrived. She's a little ditzy (no food and she wants to dine with aliens).  She doesn't always want to do the right thing, but she's probably going to anyway.  

If you get stuck in your story, try "Fortunately/Unfortunately/Which Means" and see where it leads you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Because Crazy is Just the Beginning!

Beta Undone, book 2 of the Lone Wolves, is now available on Amazon.  So excited about this book.  And isn't the cover yummy? Here's the back cover blurb.

Is it his fault the Alpha Mate can't take a joke? 

After pissing off the Alpha’s mate, Kia gets sent on a crap job—check on Madge, the crazy werewolf living near Pack lands. Kia has no love for the nutty wolf who makes silver bullets designed to kill other werewolves. He’d just as soon see the bastard gone. 

Until he meets him. The half-crazy wolf is sexy and shy and Kia wants nothing more than to fall into an adult puppy pile with the guy. 

Madge just wants to be left alone. If the kids from the local Pack would stop harassing him, he’d be perfect, except he’s pretty sure the silver he works with every day is slowly killing him. The one thing he doesn’t need is a gorgeous Beta wolf stalking his property under the guise of helping him. And maybe finding out the truth. 

To Read an excerpt, click here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unexpected Alpha Excerpt (some strong language)

Unexpected Alpha is available for pre-order.  Release date is Thursday, February 5th.  Until then, here's a quick look at the start of the story.

Rowan watched the group of a half dozen men strut into his bar. He sniffed the air, checking their scents. It was more habit than necessity. He knew this crowd well enough. As the only regional bar owned by a werewolf, The Distant Howl was a common hangout for the local Pack.

“Drinks for everyone,” the mouthy Phillip called, twirling his finger above his head, making it look like he was calling for a helicopter to take off. Considering it was four in the afternoon, Phillip would be buying drinks for his friends and two other bar patrons. Cheap bastard.

And from past experience, Rowan knew Craigh would likely be covering the group’s tab at the end of the night. The gentle giant wouldn’t say “no” to his friends.

When Rowan had suggested Phillip might be taking advantage of him, Craigh had blushed, stammered something about childhood friends, and paid the bill anyway.

Craigh’s loyalty to his friend had often made Rowan wonder if they were lovers, or fuck buddies at the least. But Phillip was straight. He didn’t even fake gay well. If he was fucking Craigh, it had nothing to do with pleasure. It would have to be about power, dominance.

Rowan’s inner beast snarled at the thought of any wolf dominating Craigh—except him, of course.
He forced air into his lungs, reminding his wolf they hadn’t claimed Craigh so they couldn’t make demands on his behavior. Still Phillip bore watching.

And if Phillip was buying drinks—the little shit—it meant Craigh would be sticking around for a few hours.

Rowan licked his lips as he stared at the sexy wolf standing at the back of the small crowd of shifters. He’d been watching Craigh for more than a year now—ever since he and his group of Lone Wolves had moved to the edge of the McNeil River Pack’s land. Rowan thought he’d been remarkably patient, staying in the background, giving Craigh some space but damn...that sweet thing needed to be fucked, hard and deep.

Very few people would look at Craigh and think “sweet thing.” The kid was over six feet and pure muscle. Muscles Rowan intended to make good use of—with his lips, his tongue and his teeth. His cock twitched at the idea of marking that pretty skin with a few well-placed bites. Plus, with all those muscles, Rowan was convinced he could ride Craigh long and rough and the sexy man would take it and love every stroke.

But that was for later. He’d waited this long. He could wait a little longer. The kid was just so shy, quiet. It made Rowan eager to see him scream in pleasure—and maybe a hint of pain.

Rowan stepped up to the front of the bar, grabbing glasses and taking orders. After the myriad of drinks was shouted across the counter, he started mixing. He’d been doing this for years and could combine a cocktail while carrying on a coherent conversation about everything from the latest happenings on soap opera drama to existentialism in modern art. Surely discovering the reason for Phillip’s sudden philanthropy wouldn’t be difficult.

“Are we celebrating something?” Rowan asked as he placed the third drink on the bar. It was Craigh’s. Gin and tonic, heavy on the tonic. The kid didn’t drink much.

Craigh reached out and wrapped his fingers around the base of the glass, his gaze lifting briefly to meet Rowan’s. Those pretty green eyes stared for a moment then dropped away. Sweet. Fuck.

“Yes!” Phillip raised his fists in the air. “Alpha challenge.”

Rowan’s spine snapped upright. An Alpha challenge was a big deal. He scanned the wolves before him, wondering which one had dared challenge the current Alpha.

As a GDLW—God Damned Lone Wolf for those on the outside—Rowan didn’t track Pack politics much but he knew the local Alpha was a beast—strong and just a bit crazy. A dangerous combination for someone stupid enough to challenge him.

“Who?” Rowan asked as he placed the next glass on the counter.

“My man—” Phillip clapped his hand on Craigh’s shoulder. “Craigh.”

The air rushed from Rowan’s lungs and it was all he could do not to gasp. Craigh? His sweet Craigh had challenged the Alpha?