Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marvin and the Three Bears

Yes, it's all about Marvin today. Here's an excerpt while you wait for Marvin's release! I hope you enjoy it!

Marvin and The Three Bears (from Ellora's Cave)

A scene in which Marvin faces Mama Bear...

Taking a deep breath, Marvin opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

Lissa waited at the top of the stairs, her fingers tapping a hole into the wood banister. When she saw Marvin, she straightened and began the short walk toward him. The seductive sway of her hips and breasts captivated him, holding him steady until she was inches in front of him.

She tipped her head back and looked up at him, her ruby red lips opening, giving him the perfect image of her lips wrapped around his cock.

But somehow he didn’t think she was going to be quite as generous as Jeremy had been.

“My turn.”

Marvin found himself unable to respond.

The edges of her mouth kicked up in an arrogant smile that rippled through his chest and sank into his groin. Never had a woman looked at him like that—wicked, sexual, powerful. Every sensation seemed to be a new caress to his cock.

He had a fuzzy flash of the Fairy Godmothers. Frumpy, grim, overworked. They all viewed him as a necessary evil—the one who assigned them tales and kept things in line. But never had they looked at him like he was a treat. Something to be savored. Tormented…just a little…just enough.

His chest seized up. With just one look she’d made his cock hard.

And being that he’d just discovered how deliciously painful that could be, how much he ached for release, he really had no choice when she turned and walked away…well, it was really more of a stroll, with slow, swinging hips and the potential for hot sex rolling off her back.

There was really nothing he could do. Nothing…except follow.

She opened her bedroom door and led the way. She stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at him, her eyes commanding his attention.

Forcing air into his lungs, he took a step forward.

Once he made that first step, his body took control and he followed.

He stepped into the bedroom. The bedspread had been straightened after his frantic attempt at dishevelment. All that remained were crisp corners.

And an array of tools. Objects. Toys. Implements. It all depended on how one viewed such things.

The band around his chest pulled tighter as he saw the “implements” displayed at the foot of the bed. A crop, a paddle and a short, cylindrical object. Butt plug. Even without much modern knowledge of the Real World he recognized the device. And thanks to Marlena and her lovers, he knew how it was used.

“Oh my.”

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fairy Dust Excerpt & Contest!

Marvin and the Three Bears comes out May 19...it's the sizzling sequel to Fairy Dust. To get you in the mood, here's a little excerpt from Fairy Dust. Marlena is a Fairy Godmother who has added a Hot Sex Additive to her Happily Ever After dust. In this scene, her boss is not happy with her efforts.

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Fairy Dust Excerpt

“Marlena, this is exactly what I’m here to discuss.” Martin waved his hand toward the looking glass. “Our fairy tales end with a perfect kiss. They’ve always ended with a perfect kiss. That’s what tells the reader that the Happily Ever After is assured.”

“Well, yes, and I’ve done that. They kissed.” She pointed to the open book. “See?”

“Yes, the story is supposed to end there. They aren’t supposed to have a secret life once the book is closed.”


“Your new formula has wreaked havoc in Fairy Tale Land.”

His condemning tone made the hairs on the back of Marlena’s neck stand straight up. She didn’t understand how a little sex could be described as “wreaking havoc.” Besides, she’d worked on hard on her formula. And she’d seen her successes. She checked in occasionally with past charges to ensure that they were getting their Happily Ever After. It wasn’t easy. Most of them were surprised at how hard being happy with a mate was, but the hot sex really seemed to help when times where stressful.

“I haven’t received any complaints from my charges.”

“How could you? They are too busy having sex to complain.”

Marlena nodded, barely hearing his words. She was much more fascinated that he could actually speak with his teeth clenched so tightly together.

“It’s bad enough when they are romantic tales but two days go, you poured some on Hansel and Gretel.”

Hansel and Gretel? Marlena bit her lower lip. It had been six months since she’d covered a Hansel and Gretel story. Oh wait, there had been one. She’d been walking by, having taken a sample of her HEA Fairy Dust to show one of the other Godmothers and she’d peeked in. Some of her dust must have spilt at just the wrong time.


Martin’s face turned a most unattractive red. “Oops?”

“Did something happen?”

“Hansel went from a sweet, twelve year old boy to a twenty-five year old stud.”

“That’s bad?”

“We can’t get him off the witch!”

Marlena pulled back, allowing her confusion to show on her face.

“The witch? That doesn’t seem a like a good match.”

Marvin leaned forward and said in a low voice, “she turned from an old crone to a really hot forty year old.” He offered a weak smile. “It’s a good thing that house is made of gingerbread or they’d have starved by now.”

“Oh.” Marlena felt her eyes widen. She might have to check that out. Research purposes and all. “What happened to Gretel?”

Martin folded his arms across his narrow chest, the glower intensifying on his face.

“She’s twenty-two and hanging out in bars, having one night stands with the woodsmen from Little Red Riding Hood.”

Marlena winced but waved her hand, dismissing the concern. “Young women do that. She’ll grow out of it.”

“She’s supposed to be a child who tricks an old witch into an oven,” Martin snapped.

“Yes, but truly, is that a happy ending? For anyone?”