Monday, December 14, 2009

Taking Shape Release Date and Excerpt

So I just got word that "Taking Shape" is going to re-released on January 1, 2010. Taking Shape was originally part of the Transformations Anthology that was centered around unusual shapeshifters. Nick is certainly that. He can turn into anything he touches (even inanimate objects). He uses his unusual talent to get close to Tally who he's investigating for corporate theft. And get close to her he so many ways.

It's sexy and fun and I really enjoyed writing it. Here's a brief, G-rated excerpt. Nick has turned himself into a puppy and appeared on Tally's doorstep. It's later that night...

Taking Shape by Tielle St. Clare
January 1, 2010

Nick stared at the closed bathroom door and wondered if it was safe to risk changing into his human form. This puppy mind was driving him nuts. The puppy had no control over his reactions. Every emotion Nick felt the dog immediately amplified and showed. He briefly wondered if Tally thought it strange that the dog was reacting to her words.

The thought passed quickly. Nothing stayed long in this puppy’s mind.

The indignity of it all. First he’d had to pee in her backyard. Nick had been able to control the puppy enough to run behind a tree. Not that he was overly shy in his human form but he didn’t want Tally’s memories of him to be him lifting his leg.
And then she’d locked him in the bathroom for the night.

He heard a rustle of skin on sheets. Damn, I want to be with her. The puppy mind immediately reacted and the dog released a pitiful cry. And kept crying.

“Oh, puppy, please be quiet,” Tally called from the other side of the door. But he could hear the guilt in her voice. He was getting to her. He kept crying and added a little scratching to the bottom of the door. She was silent for what seemed like a long time—though it was difficult to track the passage of time with the puppy’s short attention span. Finally he heard her move. Seconds later the door popped open and he skidded back.

She was huge to him in this body but still adorable. Her scent was especially tempting. The puppy instincts took control and Nick felt his body twitch and shake with joy.

“Okay, sweetie, you can come sleep with me.”

Oh yeah. The tail whipped up into a frenzy.

She held him against her chest all the way back to the bed. She lay down and placed him beside her. He crawled over her, cuddling between her breasts as she lay on her side. The warmth and her spicy scent enveloped him. The puppy’s mind responded to Nick’s pleasure at being beside her and instantly relaxed. Everyone had gotten what they wanted. Nick felt his eyes shutting and couldn’t keep them open. The puppy was exhausted and content. There was no way he could fight sleep.

“You really are just way too cute,” Tally whispered. It was the last thing he heard before his mind faded to black.

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