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Let Sleeping Wolves Lie Excerpt (Adult)

As promised, here is an excerpt to "Let Sleeping Wolves Lie." Available now from B&N (Nook) and coming soon to Amazon (Kindle).

Scene Set Up: Maddock has returned to an out of the way bar, strangely compelled by his attraction to another man. Poor Maddock. He's been having a rough week.



Let Sleeping Wolves Lie

He wasn't interested in Dex sexually. He was practically on the verge of maybe getting engaged to Monica. And he sure as hell wasn't interested in guys. A few exploratory encounters in college didn't count.

His foot tapped on the floor, expelling some of the energy surging through his veins. He took a deep breath and tried to stop the strange twitching. Damn, he felt like he’d been shot through with electricity.

He pulled out his phone and opened his email. He could sit here and work just as well as at the office. They didn't have wireless, but the cell service worked well enough.

The first email was from Monica, followed by another. He started flipping through the messages, typing a quick reply. His gaze tripped over to Dex, carrying a tray of drinks to a table of men. They looked like the same guys who'd been here the other day. Sort of made sense. It was about the same time.

These guys must be regulars.

Dex flashed the whole table a smile. The one closest to him raised his hand and patted Dex's hip, getting dangerously close to his ass.

Maddock's gums tingled and the muscles along his jaw clenched. The base of his throat tightened. Conflicting sensations crowded his brain. And he had the strangest urge to growl.

He ran his tongue over the rough edges of his teeth. The lightest touch sent shockwaves into his jaw. Fuck, when was the last time he’d been to the dentist?

Laughter he instantly recognized as Dex grabbed his attention. He watched as Dex spun away from the table and headed back to the bar.

The strange sensations in his teeth faded as Dex moved away from that table, but the strain at the base of his neck remained.

Maddock rolled his shoulders back but couldn’t release the tension. Forcing his eyes to focus, he stared at the half-typed message on his phone and realized he didn’t understand what he’d written. How the hell would anyone else? He re-read the original note, remembered his reply and jumped back in to tapping on the screen.

But the swish of a tight ass encased in black denim fluttered at the edge of his sight and he looked up. Dex was back at that table, handing out drinks, bending over to place a pitcher of beer in the center.

The guy with the wandering hands put his fingers on Dex's arm, drawing him down to whisper something in his ear. Dex bent down and listened.

He's probably just asking for directions to the bathroom.


The movements were subtle, keeping Dex close, the teasing glow in the guy’s eyes.

Dex leaned closer. He tipped his head to the side at something the guy said, then turned and looked over his shoulder, his gaze meeting Maddock's. The other guy looked as well.

Instinct controlled his body. Maddock spread his legs a little bit and draped one arm over the back of the booth, warning the guy that he was watching and letting him see Maddock was big enough to defend what belonged to him.

Not that Dex belonged to him.

Fuck, what was happening to his brain?

The twitch in his leg returned.

He looked at the time. Dex's break was another twenty minutes away, but he didn't think he was going to make it. He had to get the hell out of there.

He went back to his phone but barely saw the screen. Every movement in the bar caught his attention. His senses tracked Dex's path around the room, especially when he went near that table of men.

The volume level rose as another big group came in. Dex seemed to know where everyone was, when they needed refills. He moved quickly but never seemed to rush a customer. Maddock had to admire the way he worked the crowd, smiling, flirting, teasing.

It was all fine until Dex headed back to the first table of guys. He leaned forward placing another pitcher in the center of the table, showing off that tight ass. And the handsy bastard just couldn't keep from touching, once again patting Dex's hip like he had the right.

Maddock was out of his booth before he knew what was happening. Four strides carried him across the room.

He stared down at the construction worker and grabbed Dex's arm.

“Take your break now,” he growled.

Dex blinked and looked up at him. Those wide green eyes held a spark of fear, but the lust that flashed at him told him the shivers he sensed running through Dex's body weren't because he was afraid. Dex nodded.

Maddock glared a warning down at the man who'd dared touch Dex. The guy flinched and satisfaction surged through Maddock's chest. He was pretty sure the guy would keep his hands to himself from now on.

He nudged Dex to move and Dex headed toward the back of the bar. Maddock didn't let go as he followed, almost pushing Dex, urging him to get them somewhere private so he could…

Fuck, he didn't know what he was going to do, but he needed Dex alone. Needed to get a few things straight.

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie

My new book "Let Sleeping Wolves Lie" will be available soon at Amazon and B&N. Let me tell you a bit more...

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie
When something tall, dark and yummy crosses Dex's threshold, his inner Omega wolf goes on full alert. Instinct tells Dex he's met his mate but the man seems less than thrilled at the prospect. And has totally suppressed his inner wolf.

Maddock has no intention of getting involved with any man, especially a little hottie who's a little nuts. The guy actually thinks he's a werewolf and that Maddock is one as well.

But resisting temptation is harder than he imagined. The full moon is on the rise and instinct can't be denied forever.

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie is a m/m werewolf story.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Collective Memory Excerpt (Adult)

Set Up: Cayl is an alien come to Earth chasing an evil alien. In Cayl's world, they don't have physical forms so he's never experienced having "senses". In this scene, Devin, Mace and Cayl enter a notorious sex club searching for the bad guy.

Collective Memory
By Tielle St. Clare
Available June 1 from Ellora's Cave

Fuck. Devin crushed the curse in her throat. She’d gotten herself into this, taunting Mace. Now she couldn’t brush it off, not without breaking their cover. And it had been her command that they blend.

“Bend over, hands on the table.” Mace’s low, penetrating voice filled her core and made her pussy clench.

She swallowed but it made no difference to the lump in her throat. A quick glance toward Cayl did nothing to calm her. He stood a few feet away, observing, his clever mind obviously recording everything. God, please don’t let him ask questions.

Taking a breath, she leaned forward and placed her palms on the table. She lifted her head and met Mace’s stare. The challenge in his eyes shot through her body. She could handle this. It was just a simple spanking. Or at least that’s what she thought he had in mind. Vanessa hummed softly, the sound mocking. Whether it was directed at Mace or Devin, she didn’t know. Didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to let some Elvira wannabe laugh at her or Mace.

Devin took the noise inside her and used it to power her resolve. She pushed her ass out and lowered her eyes.

“Please, Sir.”

“Very good.” Mace accompanied the words with a slow caress to her ass, his fingers measuring the curve. “Nice,” he said, his voice low, intimate. “I’m just going to warm your ass a bit, then finish when we get home. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her fingers curled against the wood despite the fact that she couldn’t grip the smooth surface. She wasn’t afraid of being physically hurt. She didn’t think Mace would actually beat her and her skirt would protect her from the sting but still the thought of being spanked, in public, made her heart race.

She waited, the anticipation almost too much before she felt the first strike. As she’d expected, the material of her skirt muted the sensation. She could do this. He’d smack her ass a couple of times and then they’d move on.

“Mace, Sir…” Cayl’s voice broke through Devin’s calm. “If I understand physical punishment, there should be some discomfort. Would it not be better to strike her bare skin?”

Her gasp resonated against the wood desk.

“Why, Cayl, I believe you’re right.”

No, no, no. He couldn’t be serious.

“Help me pull her skirt up.” Two sets of hands tugged on the hem of her skirt. Cool air rushed across her skin as they pulled the material high, forcing her to shift to draw it up to her waist. She did a mental flip through her morning and tried to remember what underwear she’d put on. Please don’t let it be the cotton granny panties. Not the granny panties. She remembered having them in her hand but couldn’t remember if she’d actually put them on or—

“Ooh, our slut is showing off for us today.”

Damn, the fluorescent-pink bikinis.

She shivered as warmth slid across her skin, Mace’s large hand cupping her butt cheek. He gave it a little squeeze. The heat in his hand sank into her pussy and it was all she could do not to press back against him. No, this wasn’t good. She had to—a faint hum, high, like a question, filtered through the air. And another hand settled on her ass, covering her other cheek, testing, following the curve.

“Nice.” Mace asked, giving her backside another squeeze.

“Yes.” Cayl mirrored the action. “Again, strangely compelling. Similar physical reaction to the sight of her bare breasts.”

His hand slid down, fingers dipping between her legs. Devin crushed a yelp. His fingertips traced the line of her panties, a breath away from her pussy. Her mind raced with the fact that she was wet, really wet and if he touched her he would know. And he would probably announce it to the world.

“Not so fast, slick.” Mace’s voice halted Cayl’s fingers. “We want to make sure her pussy is nice and eager before we give her any relief.”

“Hmm.” That masculine, assessing hum told her Cayl had put the concept into his memory. From what she’d read of his world, he wasn’t likely to forget. Cayl’s fingers slipped away. “Now you will punish her?”


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A Change of Pace Excerpt (Adult...slightly)

A Change of Pace
By Tielle St. Clare
Available Now.

“Wanna go upstairs?”

The rumble in Knox’s voice vibrated through Aiden’s core, right to his cock. Aiden cleared his brain and focused on the question. Just because he'd spent the evening thinking about licking the yummy sheriff from top to bottom didn't mean anything. It wasn't an invitation to sex. It was just a way to say it was late. And Knox had a lot to do tomorrow what with thirty people coming over.

“What do you think, professor?” Knox’s voice dropped low. “Isn’t it time we went to bed?”

Aiden licked his lips and tried to think of some kind of response. Words crisscrossed through his brain but he couldn’t make them form a coherent sentence. Fuck, he had a Masters in English Literature. He should be able to come up with the right words, but all he could think was, “Knox. Sex. Bad idea. Yummy. Holy shit. Fuck me. Yes!

In the end, it didn’t matter. Knox flashed another arrogant half-smile and leaned closer, tipping his head. Aiden had plenty of opportunity to retreat—but he couldn’t have moved if the house had been burning. He pushed his shoulders back and lifted his chin, determined to meet the challenge in Knox’s eyes. The corners of that wicked mouth curled up in a half-smile seconds before his lips touched Aiden’s.

Time paused, just for a moment, breathless as lips brushed across lips. As if testing Aiden’s response, Knox moved slowly, changing the caress from mere touches to a kiss, soft and light, clouding his brain, seducing Aiden with teasing caresses. His hands fluttered a bit, not knowing where to touch, but needing that contact. He reached up and grabbed Knox’s arms, the powerful muscles giving some stability to his spinning world.

The kiss was nothing like he would have expected from a big man. It didn’t overwhelm, didn’t demand. It teased and tempted until Aiden opened his mouth, silently pleading for Knox to take control.

But Knox held back. He flicked his tongue across Aiden’s upper lip. Another light touch. Aiden groaned and tightened his grip on the thick muscles, pulling Knox closer. The hard bulge of Knox’s erection brushed against Aiden. The heat tempted him almost as much as the sensual kisses. Still, Knox held back. Aiden wanted to scream. Instead he pressed up on his toes and pushed into the kiss, demanding more.

Book Cover Designed by Rae Monet

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Marvin Excerpt

Scene Set Up.
A new Fairy Godmother has accidentally sprinkled some sexed up Happily Ever After Fairy Dust on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Marvin has entered the tale to save it. Only, Goldilocks (all grown up and ready to play), isn't cooperating.

Thankfully, this was a simple and short tale. It wouldn’t take much to complete.

“Listen, Miss…Locks,” he started lamely. “You see that house behind me. I need you to go there.”

“Okay.” She gave an agreeable shrug.

“Once you get there, you should be able to figure everything out. There’s some porridge…”

“Ugh, I’m not much of a porridge kind of girl.”

“And three chairs…” he continued, refusing to let her distract him any more than she already had.

“Don’t need three chairs.” She slapped her backside. “Only got one ass.”

He blushed. “Right. And three beds.”

“Hmm. Now that sounds fun.” She strolled forward, her eyes trained on the house, her mouth a little bit open. “Are they empty?”

“The beds? Uh, yes. For now but in a little bit, three bears are going to come home and find you—”

She shook her head and backed away. “Uh-uh. Not happening. I am so not into wildlife.”

“But you have to.”

“No. I don’t.” She hitched her thumb over her shoulder, the direction opposite the Bears’ house. “There’s a town just over that hill with a wicked pub and some really hot Woodsmen. I’ll head there.”

“But—but what about the Bears?” Marvin yelled at her back.

“I don’t do wildlife,” she called over her shoulder as she sauntered away.

Marvin tried to think of something to say but the flip-swish of her ass peeking out from beneath her short skirt momentarily made it impossible to find the right words. Hell, it was impossible to find any words, except for maybe “fuck me”.

The phrase startled him—he never thought in those terms—but not even surprise forced his eyes away from her pale ass. Until she disappeared over the rise.

He sighed, hard and long. What was he going to do now? Not only wasn’t the tale proceeding as planned, he didn’t even have a Goldilocks anymore.

Martin was going to kill him. Just murder him. Or banish him. Marvin’s stomach clenched. Martin might banish him to the Real World like he’d done with Marlena. Only Marlena had her true loves. Marvin would be alone.

No, he couldn’t let it happen. There had to be an answer. Some way to fix this.

Wind whipped through the trees, blowing a strand of blond hair into his eyes.

Blond? That’s right. I’m blond. Or I was before I lost most of my hair. I could be Goldilocks. He nodded as the idea took shape. It would be a different version but he could explain that away, that they’d wanted a male star in this tale, just to see how it was received.

This might work. His heart started to beat again, pounding at a slightly faster than normal rate.

Marvin started toward the Bears’ home, his legs eating up the distance quickly. He stepped up on the porch and peered through the window. Looked empty. Good. He was still on track.

His reflection wobbled in the glass and he froze. The man staring back at him wasn’t right. He wasn’t short and balding. He was taller, though Goldilocks had still topped him by several inches, and had a head full of hair. The golden locks hung straight, stopping just beneath his chin. He looked down. The tan shirt he’d been wearing was open, torn apart as his chest had expanded. So that was the tearing sound.

Like Goldilocks, he was fascinated with his new body. He ran his hand across the hard muscles of his chest and down the gentle ridges of his stomach. I’m ripped.

Because the thing had been pulsing and twitching at him since he’d arrived, Marvin continued his exploration downward, his fingers running the length of his cock. A shiver raced up his spine, momentarily blinding him. Oh my. He yanked his hand away.
He’d seen Ethan, one of Marlena’s lovers, stroking himself, sliding his hand up and down his cock while he watched Hunter and Marlena fuck. At the time, Marvin hadn’t understood the appeal. Now he grasped the concept much more firmly.

With a vague thought that if he finished this tale quickly and properly, he might have a chance to do a little more manual exploration before he returned to Headquarters, Marvin grabbed the doorknob and cranked his wrist to the right. The door swung open easily and he stepped into the kitchen.

Three bowls of porridge were arranged neatly on the table. Marvin sighed at the normalcy of it all. This would be simple.

“Just eat the porridge,” he said aloud to himself. “Break the chair, sleep on the bed. And when the Bears show up, run screaming from the room.”

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After The Ceremony Is Out

It's free and it's available now from Ellora's Cave. Click here to download your copy.

After The Ceremony is the story of Mik and Taylor's wedding night. You met Mik, Taylor and Zach in New Year's Kiss and in Shadow's Embrace, you got a short glimpse of their wedding reception. Well, now it's time for their wedding night. Zach is trying to be noble and let the two of them have a special night together. Mik and Taylor have other fact, they have plans for Zach.

If you've been reading the Wolf's Heritage series, you'll love this little treat.

If you've never read my stuff, here's a taste of the sexy side of things.