Thursday, October 29, 2009

Excerpt Jackson's Rise

Warning (a sort-of) adult-rated excerpt

“You can’t be serious.” Dani stared at Jackson but he didn’t move, didn’t react. Didn’t laugh and say it was all a joke. “Have you seen what I’m wearing?” She pointed to the skimpy outfit hanging on her closet door. There wasn’t much to it. The dress was fire engine red, glittered and would cover her ass but just barely. The top was a halter top that dipped low between her breasts. Her breasts would be free to sway and move with every step she took. Since they were going to this event as an upscale party crowd, the outfit was perfect, sexy and exotic.

Which made Jackson’s request even more insane.

“You want me to wear granny panties underneath that outfit?”


She looked at the underwear Jackson held in his hands. They were pale yellow and almost full briefs. The legs were cut a little high but the waistband would land right at her waist and everything would be fully covered. What was sexy about these?

“They aren’t even mine.” At least she didn’t think she had anything that ugly in her drawers.

“Yes they are. I told you I would replace the ones from last night.”

She squinted and glared. “And you bought granny panties?”

He nodded


Reign stepped out of the bathroom rubbing his hair dry with a towel. Another towel hung low around his waist, leaving his chest bare and so delectable she wanted to run her tongue across the distinct lines of his muscles. Heat swelled into her pussy and she pressed her lips together to crush a groan.

“You’re supposed to be getting dressed.”

Surely Reign would be an ally in this.

“Reign, you decide. Jackson wants me to wear those—“ She pointed to the frumpy yellow underpants. “When we go out tonight.” Knowing she had to tip the scales in her favor, she picked up the pair of panties she’d been planning to wear. “I want to wear these.” She stretched the waistband and showed the sexy lace confection. Barely there, the panties hung on her hips and were cut high, leaving large amounts of skin uncovered.

Reign’s eyes tightened and he looked at both pairs of underwear. Then he looked at her. “Are you planning on showing anyone your panties tonight?”

She scoffed. “No.”

The eyebrows on both men rose and they stared pointedly at her.

“Well, except for you two.”

“And we already know that your pussy is gorgeous. Wear those.” He nodded to the pair Jackson was holding. Dani felt her mouth drop open.

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