Thursday, October 29, 2009

Excerpt Maxwell's Fall

Warning (fairly) adult-rated excerpt

“That’s it, honey.” The image from earlier—hell, the reality—of having her pressed against the wall, her pussy wet and hot, slick. Even without touching he knew, he could tell that she was ready. She could take him.

He ground his teeth together and drew back, fighting the beast inside him, straining every muscle.

And the faint, faded voice of conscience that nagged at the base of his skull.

He might have made it. Might have managed to pull back.

If only she hadn’t touched—her fingers stroking the taut muscles of his throat, almost scratching. As if she felt the same intense, vicious need. He stared down at her, those wide gray eyes flickering with lust and a hint of fear. The predator in him rose up, loving that bit of uncertainty, needing the chase. She would yield nicely to him.

Her lower lip trembled just a little, capturing his attention. The memory of her taste echoed through his senses and he needed more. He moved slow, not wanting to startle her, bending to brush his lips against her. Not a kiss. Just a breath, savoring the anticipation running through her veins. The hand at his neck gripped the collar of his leather jacket, as if she was using his strength to keep herself still. To resist the flight instinct.

A low rumble came from his throat, the sound more of a purr than a growl. The shy exterior hid a hunger, a need, that resonated in him.

Unable to deny himself any longer, he pressed closer, his body moving to trap her, pressing her back against the wall, his hands locked on her hip and ass.

He tilted his head to the side and pressed his mouth against hers, lips open, the need to taste building. Her tongue met his as he dipped inside, a tentative welcome that only made the wolf crave more. He groaned. The memory had been weak, insignificant to the reality of tasting her again. He drove his tongue into her mouth, conquering with the kiss. Her fingers tightened, every muscles tensing. For a moment he thought he’d pushed too far. Then a soft whimper, filled with hunger, slipped from her throat. She twirled her tongue around his and fell into the kiss. She matched him, giving as good as she got and then submitting, allowing him to take and lick and linger over every point in her mouth.

His cock throbbed, the persistent need exploding with the simple touch of her lips on his.

Fuck. There had to be something going wrong with his wolf. The full moon so close. The animal too long constrained. Something because he shouldn’t be this hard from a single kiss. The brief moment of clarity evaporated as she moaned, her fingers biting into his arms. Heat tempted him, drawing him in, deeper, until he was surrounded.

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Krysia said...

Wow. I need a cold one after that. Not sure what though. Beer? Chocolate ice cream? Shower? LOL... :-)