Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short Shadow's Embrace Excerpt

Short scene but I thought it was pretty hot. And definitely delicious enough to share. Shadow's Embrace is available now from Ellora's Cave (just click the title above and you should go right to the page). Once again, adult excerpt!

Have a great weekend!

Shadow's Embrace
By Tielle St. Clare

His fingers brushed his cock and he groaned. Fuck, he’d been hard since…well, since he’d woken up in that cave. The vague memory of Rebel pressing against him, a hot hand on his dick, teased him.

And he had to talk to Kalen. Had to explain.

Explain what? The memory of what had happened didn’t make any sense. He remembered pain and cold. Beyond that, he needed Rebel to fill in the blanks.

But he couldn’t face her like this.

He closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his cock. The heat from the shower seemed to pool in his core and the shaft grew longer, fuck, even harder. He started to pull and push, feeling the skin slide easily against his fingers.

Images flickered through his head, like a movie montage. He tried to grab onto one—the sexy picture of Kalen flat on her back, legs spread, her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt—but they passed too quickly, shifting and changing, always sexual. Kalen. Rebel. The two bodies merged and separated. Kalen’s mouth on his cock, Rebel, hot behind him, his erection rubbing against Brennan’s ass. His hand replacing Kalen’s mouth on his cock. Rebel’s voice. “Not stopping. Want to feel you come, babe.”

Brennan squeezed his cock and thrust into the tight grip. Rebel’s voice rang through his head blended with the delicious memories of Kalen, the sexual groans and the way she fucked him, her pussy clutching his dick as he filled her. The two memories combined in his brain until he couldn’t distinguish one from the next.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shadow's Embrace Available Today

Shadow's Embrace is available today from Ellora's Cave. It's a hot, sexy M/M/F werewolf menage. I'm really proud of this book. There's one excerpt below.

Happy reading!