Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The To Do List (Welsh Wolves 1.5)

Available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The boys are back! Maddock and Dex (from Let Sleeping Wolves Lie) are having a few issues.  They're both working too much and never see each other. Not being with his mate makes Dex a very cranky werewolf. Thankfully, with a little friendly intervention, there might be one more thing checked off Maddock's To Do List.

This 9,000 word short story contains scenes of male-male sexual interaction. (That's no surprise, right??)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Favorite Scene from Collective Memory

One of my favorite scenes from Collective Memory.  Cayl is an alien come to Earth to arrest an evil alien who wants to take over the universe.  Until he can catch the bad guy, Cayl has to learn how to live with human senses.

The sounds of shuffling dragged Mace out of his bed and down the hall to his guestroom. He stopped by the door. Footsteps padded across creaking floorboards and back again. Cayl was obviously having a hard time sleeping. Unable to resist, Mace pressed his ear up against he door. Step, step, grunt, and what? A whimper? What the hell was going on?

Mace tapped on the door, opening it as he poked his head inside. Cayl stood in the middle of the room, moonlight streaming across the floor, his hands propped on his hips, his jeans hanging low. His shirt was gone, thrown on the floor like he’d ripped it off in a fit of irritation.

“You okay, man?”

“I do not understand how you do it.

“Do what?”

“How do humans shut off these senses long enough to find rest?”

Mace hid his grin. So the guy was going to continue his “I’m an alien” routine. That was okay. He could play like that.

Cayl spun around and glared at him. “If I could possibly get used to the scent of the bedclothes, there is the constant hum of your food storage unit and the tree brushing against the roof.” He paused. “And if I could ignore all of that, my shaft has remained hard since we left that club making it impossible for me to sleep.”

Mace let his gaze drop to Cayl’s crotch and sure enough, there was a distinctive bulge that indicated the poor man was in some discomfort. Oh yeah. I can definitely play with that.

“How am I to correct this?” Cayl demanded.

“Correct it?”

“It’s obviously defective. I was given to understand a male’s shaft got hard when the human was preparing for intercourse. I am alone and quite obviously not preparing to have intercourse, so why is it hard?”

“You were hard at the club,” Mace pointed out.

“But Agent Denning, who is female, was present and rubbing against me.” Agent Denning? Mace had to ask Devin about that. “That was a logical explanation. The body believed it might have some chance at penetration.”

The edge of Mace’s mouth kicked up. He could almost believe this guy didn’t understand fucking. But the way he’d kissed Devin and sucked her tits…fuck, that had been hot.

Cayl’s mouth crinkled into an irritated line. “I don’t know what to do when one is alone.”

“Okay, um, you…” Hmm, how did he explain this? “You rub it. You know, put your hand on it.”

Cayl shook his head and sighed. “I tried that. Touching it only makes it worse.”

Mace’s smiled broadened into a full-blown grin.

“You have to kind of do it for a bit. It gets worse before it gets better.”

“You’ve done this?”

“Many times.”

Cayl pulled open the button fly and shoved them down, his cock popping out as it was freed and stretching long, hard and thick.

“Please show me this technique. I cannot tolerate this sensation much longer.”

Show him? Come on. You can do it. Give a hand job to the hot guy in your spare room who thinks he’s an alien.

There were all sorts of reasons why he shouldn’t do this—first and foremost being this guy might be insane—but the thick cock pushed aside the concerns. He walked across the room to where Cayl stood. Cayl’s broad chest tapered down into a ripped stomach. Hmm. Nice. Hard and firm. Thick. He shook his head when he realized he’d moved past describing his chest and returned his attention to Cayl’s cock.

Cayl tipped his head to the side as if to urge Mace to hurry. Demanding little shit. Except he wasn’t little. Not where it counted. Not anywhere.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Cover "The To Do List"

The boys are back! Maddock and Dex (from Let Sleeping Wolves Lie) are having a few issues.  They're both working all the time and never see each other. Not being with his mate makes Dex a very cranky werewolf. Thankfully, with a little friendly intervention, there might be one more thing checked off Maddock's To Do List.

Check out the new cover, created by Kim Killion! Love it!

The To Do List...coming soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

"To Do List" Excerpt (with the characters from Let Sleeping Wolves Lie)

Dex’s lip twitched but he suppressed the general snarl at the world. He’d made a conscious, mature decision not to bitch about how much Maddock was working. Maddock was trying to get his business off the ground and Dex was going to support him dammit if it was the last freakin’ thing he did.

He made his way into the kitchen.  Rhian and Micah sat that table, sipping coffee, reading parts of the paper. Rhian glanced up and smiled. She looked tired and a little puffy. Her swollen belly poking out like she was carrying twins, though the werewolf doctor they’d consulted promised it was only one. His actual words had been, “despite her size and how long she’s been pregnant, she isn’t giving birth to a litter.”

Dex shuddered at the memory of the storm that had followed that comment—lightning, thunder, hail the size of oranges. It hadn’t been pretty.  The doctor tucked his tail between his legs and slunk out and strangely refused to come back.

“Morning,” she said, lowering the newspaper to the table. “You look like crap.”

“Thanks.” No snappy comeback developed in his exhausted brain. He’d slept. Hell, he’d been in bed for almost nine hours but he’d spent much of that tossing and turning. He didn’t sleep well without Maddock there.

Maddock had called about eleven last night to tell Dex he was just finishing up work at the site and was going to sleep in his truck because he had a meeting with the client at seven in the morning.

Dex glanced at the clock. It was almost one. He hoped Maddock’s meeting had gone well. He should check his phone, maybe call Maddock, but it was getting difficult to keep the whine out of his voice when they spoke. Dex pulled out a chair and sat down.

“What me to make you some breakfast? Lunch?” Rhian offered.

Dex shook his head. Nothing sounded good. The only thing he wanted to sink his teeth into was Maddock firm, delectable ass. Damn.  Dex gave himself a shake. He had to get out of this funk. It wouldn’t last forever—Maddock would finish this job, Rhian would have this bady and Dex would finally get a night off with his lover. 

His unfocused gaze drifted across the table.  Familiar scrawl on a random piece of paper caught his attention.
He grabbed it.

“Maddock is here?” His fingers gripped the page. It was Maddock’s “To Do List.” He never went anywhere without it these days. When he’d quit his job at the real estate development firm, he’d given up his smart phone and gone back to basics.  Pen and paper for most things. A pay-as-you-go phone that did little besides make calls.

Dex didn’t know how Maddock survived. Dex loved gadgets.

“No.”  The sympathy in Rhian’s eyes just made Dex feel worse. “He stopped by earlier as he was heading into town to get another load of lumber or something.”  She shrugged. “He checked in on you but you were dead to the world.”

“Great. That must have been the twenty minutes I managed to sleep last night,” Dex groused. Dammit! He wanted Maddock. 

“When was the last time you two actually saw each other?” Rhian asked, getting up and walking to the refrigerator. She pulled out the carton of eggs and placed them on the counter.

Despite Dex’s denial that he wanted food, he was pretty sure he was going to get fed.  And based on Rhian’s erratic personality of late...he would eat whatever was put in front of him.

“You mean when we were both awake?” he asked, trying to make a joke of it. But damn it—it wasn’t a joke. He wanted to talk to his mate, see him, kiss him, lick him...

Dex inhaled through his nose and fought to contain the groan that threatened. He stood and went the fridge as well. If he was going to eat, might as well make it good. He poured himself some OJ.

He glanced at Micah. The Alpha wolf’s lips pinched together and he glared at Dex and Rhian as if he wanted to tell them to shut up and let him read his paper in peace. The big grumpy werewolf remained silent, knowing that bitching would get him no where. He might be the Alpha wolf but their little "pack" didn't exactly bow to his wishes.  

Rhian tapped an egg on the side of a bowl. The shell shattered in her hand.  “Oops.” She plucked the pieces of shell out from the goopy egg mixture.  “So, yes, when...?”

Dex took a sip of his juice and mentally counted back the days.

“Oh, sweetie, if you have to take this long to count, it’s been too long.”

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fire Engine is out today!

I'm very excited about this story. It's sexy and funny and has 3 amazing heroes.

Book 4 in the Red Panty Diaries series.
A simple game of Truth or Dare, and poof…Linc ends up wearing a cursed wedding dress. Worse yet, Elliot, the man of his dreams, sees him in the ugly gown.

His sister-in-law warns Linc that since he’s worn the dress, he must find his true love or bad things will happen. He thinks she’s crazy. Elliot has finally noticed him, and the firefighter has introduced Linc to the wicked world of BDSM. Then Linc meets JD, a sexy cop who’s more than willing to fill in any empty spaces in Linc’s sexual repertoire. Life is as far from “bad” as it could get!

But when the dress indicates only one of the men is Linc’s true love, he can’t imagine giving up either of his deliciously kinky lovers…not when he’s falling for both. Could the definition of “true love” include a ménage with two hunky men? Linc can’t possibly be that lucky.

Click here for more!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire Engine Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from Fire Engine, available this Friday, August 9.  Click here to see the back cover blurb.  Enjoy the taste of Fire Engine!

Fire Engine
by Tielle St. Clare
“I love how thick you are,” Linc whispered. He kissed JD and then bit down on his lower lip. “I want to feel you in my ass. Fucking me.” The picture filled JD’s head. “Pounding my ass hard and deep.”

The words combined with the fast, shallow strokes of Linc’s hands and JD couldn’t hold back any longer. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t stop the soft cry that broke from his lips as he came, spilling across Linc’s hands. The scent of come filled the space between them. Seconds later, Linc shot, his cream splattering across JD’s stomach.

Release weakened JD’s muscles and he leaned against Linc, taking the opportunity to kiss the sexy man.

Damn, he couldn’t believe they’d done that.

Finally, Linc pulled back, his lips spreading into a wide grin. “I won. What do I get?”

“What do you want?”

“What does JD stand for?”

JD winced. He never, almost never, told people his real name. It was too embarrassing. But if that was 
what Linc wanted for winning, he couldn’t get out of it.

He sighed. “James Dean.”

“Like the actor? What’s wrong with that?”

“Because my dad really wanted it to be ‘Jimmy Dean’ after the sausage but my mom put her foot down.”

“You’re named after sausage?”

“My dad said I came about because of a little pork so why not?”

Linc dropped his head back against the tree and laughed. JD took the moment to pull his clothes back into place. There was nothing to do about his shirt. Linc had come all over it. He pulled it off over his head and draped it over his shoulder.

When Linc finally calmed down enough to put his dick away, they continued down the hill. The breeze fluttered across his bare chest, reminding him of why he was shirtless. He raised his t-shirt to his face and took a deep breath. The smell of sex filled his head and his cock gave a weak twitch of interest. 

No, he couldn’t get hard again but it was fun to think about.

A group of three teenage girls passed them on the path. They smiled flirtatiously at both him and Linc and once they’d gotten a few steps beyond, JD heard a smattering of giggles.

He smiled and kept walking.

“So, is that your kink?” Linc asked, his voice low.

JD glanced over his shoulder. “What?”

“Public sex. Is that your kink?”

JD tipped his head to the left and thought about it. “I guess that was pretty sexy, but no. That’s not my main kink.”

He took another couple of steps before he realized Linc wasn’t behind him. He looked back. Linc stood 
on the trail, his forehead furrowed in thought.

“Something wrong?” he called out.

“No, just trying to figure out what weird kind of kinky sex you’re into.”

Linc clearly hadn’t noticed the man jogging down the path behind him. The guy pulled to a stop. He looked at Linc, then at JD.

“If it’s threeways, count me in.”

Linc jerked back and then looked at the guy. The newcomer was good-looking, in a skinny runner sort of way. His abdomen had no fat but no definition either.

“Is that it?” Linc asked.

JD laughed. “No.” He turned to the stranger. “Thanks for the offer though.”

The guy shrugged and took off running. Linc followed more slowly, speculation still dominating his gaze.

“You’re still not going to tell me?”

“I stand by what I said before. It’s kinky but not too creepy.”

“Creepy is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Which is why I’m letting you get to know me first!” JD laughed and grabbed Linc’s hand, pulling him down the hill. “Come on.” He didn’t rush. When they met their first group of hikers, he dropped Linc’s hand but they stayed close together, chatting softly as they went downhill. This was a favorite hiking spot of his but now he looked at it with new eyes—different places where he could fuck or suck Linc.

He damn well wouldn’t forget the lube and condoms the next time they came up here. The image of Linc, bare-assed and leaning against a tree, begging to be fucked, took up residence in JD’s brain.

“You okay?” Linc asked.

“Yes, why?”

“You groaned like you hurt your ankle or something.”

“Oh, just thinking about fucking you against that tree and wishing I’d brought lube and condoms.”

This time Linc groaned. “Damn, you need to warn a guy before you say something like that.”

He turned and flashed a smile at Linc. “Don’t worry. I won’t forget next time.”

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Cover!

Here is the cover for Fire Engine (book 4 of the Red Panty Diaries).  Don't you love it?!  No release date yet but I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (Welsh Wolves 2) is available now for Kindle, Nook and other e-reader formats. 

A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
by Tielle St. Clare

The wolf lay on his bed, its nose buried beneath Kieve’s pillow.

“Your owners really have spoiled you, haven’t they?” Kieve walked to the side of the mattress. “No. You are not sleeping in my bed.”

The wolf whined and pressed forward, pushing deeper into Kieve’s pillow. The animal’s tail thumped against the bed. After a few seconds, the wolf raised his head and looked back at Kieve as if to say, 
“I’m already here. Come pet me.”

“Damn, you are just too cute.” And Kieve wasn’t overly confident he could drag the wolf back into his office. Giving up, Kieve sighed and crawled into bed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He nudged the wolf over and the animal wiggled to the side, not going far but leaving Kieve much space. He stretched out and the wolf was there, pressing against his side, tapping Kieve’s hand with his nose. “Now, none of that. I’m letting you stay, but you need to sleep.”

As if disappointed but willing to take what he could get, a heavy sigh left the animal’s chest. He sank down on the mattress, and closed his eyes.

“I’ve got to be crazy,” Kieve whispered in the dark. He placed his hand on the dog’s side and let his own eyes close.

Kieve heard the doggy whimpers and reached behind him to soothe the animal, patting the wolf on the shoulder. He must have fallen asleep though he didn’t really remember it.

Only instead of fur, his hand connected with skin. Warm smooth skin.

He sat up and whipped around, staring down at the man in his bed. Impossible. There should be a dog, wolf, whatever.

The guy raised his head and smiled up at Kieve, the grin wicked and tempting.

“Crazy dream, huh?” The deep cool voice crept across his skin like a caress.

“Dream.” Yes, it had to be a dream. He’d gone to bed with a dog beside him. He couldn’t wake up next to a very naked man. Vivid blue eyes stared at him framed by a stark shock of black and grey hair. The shoulder-length locks matched the wolf’s coat.

Fuck. I’m dreaming about an animal?

His dream man slipped his hand beneath the blankets, strong fingers sliding over Kieve’s thigh.
Dazed, his senses clicked, telling him he was awake even in the middle of a dream.

“I’m going to be so disappointed when I wake up and realize you’re not real.”

The beautiful man smiled. “Maybe I can make the memory worth the disappointment.” 

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Excerpt

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing is available now for Kindle, Nook and other e-reader formats. This is book 2 of the Welsh Wolves series.  Reese gets his chance at love and you'll find out what it truly means to be a Welsh Wolf! 

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
 by Tielle St. Clare

Coming to his feet, he scanned the room. It was empty of living creatures except for two weak signatures in the corner. He processed the glow and realized they were dogs, one of them just a puppy. The animals stood up when he did and began barking, the sounds meant to warn the wolf away. Even in human form, they sensed his other side.

Pulling back his lips, he growled in the general direction of the sounds and was satisfied to hear the barks turn to whines.

He ran his hands along the smooth table. Exam table. His stomach clenched and he was glad he hadn’t eaten anything tonight. The memories of that lab stayed with him as he slowly explored the room. The only thing that kept him calm was the fact that there were no other werewolf scents.

Everything he touched and sensed confirmed his first conclusion that he was at a vets office. But where the hell was he? And how was he going to get home?

He needed a phone, a real phone. He reached out and ran his fingers across the wall, hoping the vet had a landline.

A soft sound in another part of the building caught his attention and Reese froze. Heavy footsteps padded across the floor, growing louder as they got closer.

Knowing he couldn’t explain his human presence, Reese called on his wolf, taking a breath and making the change. He crushed the human groan that threatened as the pain flooded his skin. Within seconds he was on the floor, once again in full wolf form.

The moon’s pull had weakened in the last few hours giving Reese more control over the animal. He kept a tight grip on his wolf, restraining the animal. The wolf’s natural instinct would be to defend and attack the human threat.

The door opened and a brilliant aura entered the room. Reese blinked, his human mind enough in control to process the beautiful mix of colors emanating from the man. Bright reds and blues, the colors blurring into a vivid purple. Passion and kindness reverberated from the large body.
Reese licked his lips, wishing he could actually see the man. The brilliant colors revealed the man’s spirit, but Reese wanted to see his body.

“Hey, little wolf...”

The deep voice called out gently. Reese crouched in the corner, watching the vet walk across the room 
toward the kennel.

“Are you—? Oh, shit.” The man’s colors changed, glowing with the bright yellow of fear. He froze and slowly turned.

Reese again clamped down on the wolf, not wanting to scare the pretty human any more than he had.

“There you are,” the man said, his voice still low and gentle, but fear made the words tremble.

The wolf sniffed the air, capturing the delicious scent of the human. Mate.

The word rang through Reese’s head like a stun gun. He froze. His chest tightened. His heart pounded. What? No, I can’t have a mate. The momentary hesitation gave the wolf the opening it needed. The animal shook off Reese’s control. He leapt forward, straight toward the man, landing hard against the man’s chest, tail wagging, tongue hanging out.

From the corner of the wolf’s mind, Reese moaned. The damn animal was acting like a puppy getting his first belly rub.

If the guys found out about this, he'd never live it down.