Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Reading List...Going back to some old favorites

So I've been desperate for something to read but nothing appeals. If you're like me, you go back to your standbys, those fav books you read over and over again.  Here are a few of my go-to books...which yes, I've re-read this past week.

Muscling Through

I was a bit surprised at how much I liked (and later loved) this book. The point of view hero is pretty low-brow, common, not well educated really. He doesn't fit the typical romance hero, even in a M/M book, but you know, I love the story. I love the characters. My heart ached when there was tension between the two men.  I wasn't expecting to like it but it has become one of my favs when I just need a good solid read. Highly recommend it.

Pricks and Pragmatism

This is another book I wasn't expecting to enjoy. The main hero becomes "friends with benefits" to have a comfortable place to sleep while he finishes school. I fully intended to dislike him but again the author manages to tug on my heart strings so I'm aching when he thinks all is lost.  Another fav.

Snow Balls and Fire Balls

I enjoyed all of the "balls" series but these two are my favorites. For Snow Balls, I don't always re-read the whole book but I go back, time and again to the last half. The break up and the rescue. So wonderful, so fun.  Love it!

Fire Balls is another book I re-read every couple of months. A scene will spark in my memory and I need to go back and read it one more time. Great characters, some tension but not too much. Again, a solid, wonderful go-to read.

The photos are links to Amazon if you're interested in checking out these books.