Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shadow's Embrace Excerpt (X-rating...did you expect anything less?)

Shadow's Embrace comes out September 1 from Ellora's Cave. Here's just a taste.

Scene set: Brennan and Kalen have come home to find an old friend (Rebel) of Kalen's on her couch--a half-dress, very buff friend--and Brennan's feeling a little jealous. He takes Kalen upstairs to stake his claim.

“Pretty little girls should be careful how they tease.” He kept his words formal, just a hint of the schoolmaster in his tone.

She giggled. “But it’s fun.” She bent her legs and placed her feet against his ribs. Slowly she slid them back, drawing him closer, until her ankles crossed behind him. He didn’t fight her subtle attempt to pull him near. He lowered his hips and pressed his cock against her pussy. The thin layer of her panties barely muted the heat. He ground against her, watching her eyes glaze over, feeling the dig of her heels into his back.

He loved it when she was in this mood. Slow and sexy was good but when Kalen was like this, she wanted to fuck, hard and long. And he was just mad enough to give it to her.

The image of her staring at Rebel’s body—her stunned, sexually charged gulp—made his jaw ache. She belonged to him. And no long-haired bad boy from her past was going to take her away.

He looked into her eyes. His own reflection glowed back at him. The tightness in his chest relaxed. Here in this bed she was focused solely on him.

And he was going to make sure it stayed that way.

He rocked his hips in a circle, pushing almost too hard against her pussy. Keeping the slow rhythm going, he reached out and picked up her right hand, the one she’d had between her legs, fucking that pretty little cunt that belonged to him.

He lifted her hand to his mouth. His eyes captured hers, holding her gaze as he licked across her palm and slowly up her fingers. Faint traces of her pussy juices clung to her skin and teased his tongue. She watched, her breathing getting deeper as he bit the tip of her finger. Her hips wiggled and she pressed harder against his erection. The silent plea for his cock was sweet but not enough.

He wanted more than silent begging. He wanted her out of her mind, needing him, consumed by him.

He piked his hips back, breaking the grip of her legs. The sudden withdrawal of his cock seemed to shock her. Her eyes grew wide and she reached for him. He shook his head and pulled back. He wasn’t going far but he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. Not just yet.


“That’s it, baby,” he said as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her red panties. He dragged them down over her round ass, pulling the elastic tight so she felt it burn across her skin. She might appear like a delicate flower but she liked a little pain, craved it. Masculine pride swelled in his chest. He was pretty damn sure he was the only one who knew that. She arched into the stinging caress.

He bent down, leaving her thighs trapped together by the silk, and nipped her lower lip, not staying long enough to make it a real kiss. “I like hearing my name on those pretty lips.” He slid the panties the rest of the way down. He thought he heard a bit of the silk tear but he ignored the sound. He’d buy her another pair.

He tossed the panties over his shoulder. “Begging me to fuck you.”

Her chin lifted. Defiance mixed with hunger in her eyes. His cock got even harder, pressing up, straining to be inside her. Fuck, he loved her. She was the perfect mix of demure and slutty, submissive and defiant.

“I wasn’t begging.”

The edge of his mouth pulled up in a smile.

“You will be.”