Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Excerpt Summer's Caress

Be warned...this is an Adult-Rated Excerpt!

Deacon took the keys out of her hand and opened the door. As she stepped inside, she noticed a strange look on Trey’s face. He looked confused. The confusion turned to irritation.

Trying to act normal—though she wasn’t sure what normal was in this situation—she flicked on the lights and put her purse on the entryway table. What happened now? Did she offer them something to drink? Something to eat? Cookies, steak, me?

Right. Either way, she had to do something. She refused to let the situation get completely out of hand. She opened her mouth but the look in Trey’s eyes stopped her.

“You’ve been with another man.”

Deacon’s head snapped up and she felt the pressure of both male glares.


“I can smell him on you.”

She straightened her spine, trying to fight the urge to back up as Trey stalked forward. She lost that battle and took a step backward, ending up against the wall.

He put his fingertips on her lips. “Here.” Her throat. “Here.” The front of her blouse. “Here. You let him touch you.” He blocked her escape with his body.

“We danced. Kissed. That was it,” she said, though she wasn’t sure why she felt compelled to explain. A new and foreign desire welled up inside her—to drop to her knees and offer herself to these men in apology, to submit to whatever they wanted of her. Her knees wobbled and she had to fight the physical urge to kneel before them.

“Did you let him touch your pussy?” Deacon asked, his voice low and quiet, dangerous.

She fought the compulsion of Trey’s gaze and looked over at Deacon. “No.”

His eyes tightened as well, watching her with an angry disbelief. “He danced with you. Had those gorgeous tits unbound and pressed against him—and he didn’t touch your pussy?”

She shook her head.

Trey sank down, his arm brushing her hip as he inhaled, breathing deep near her thighs. Rebecca held herself still. She knew he was so close he had to be able to smell her pussy, her arousal. Moisture coated her thighs and she knew he sensed it.

“Why do I smell him here?” He touched her skin, just below her skirt hem.

“He tried to touch me, but I stopped him.”

“Show me,” Trey commanded, standing up and stepping back. “Lift your skirt and show us where he touched you.”

Completely on display—she considered making a break for it. Somehow, though their tempers were high right now, she didn’t think either man would hurt her. And they’d let her go if she walked away. But the desire to stay was too strong. She liked their power. Liked the way they claimed her.

She grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled it up, raising it a few inches. With one finger, she drew a line across her thigh to show where Tony had touched her.

“Pull the skirt all the way up, baby,” Deacon commanded. “We want to see if you let him get close..."

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