Friday, August 9, 2013

Fire Engine is out today!

I'm very excited about this story. It's sexy and funny and has 3 amazing heroes.

Book 4 in the Red Panty Diaries series.
A simple game of Truth or Dare, and poof…Linc ends up wearing a cursed wedding dress. Worse yet, Elliot, the man of his dreams, sees him in the ugly gown.

His sister-in-law warns Linc that since he’s worn the dress, he must find his true love or bad things will happen. He thinks she’s crazy. Elliot has finally noticed him, and the firefighter has introduced Linc to the wicked world of BDSM. Then Linc meets JD, a sexy cop who’s more than willing to fill in any empty spaces in Linc’s sexual repertoire. Life is as far from “bad” as it could get!

But when the dress indicates only one of the men is Linc’s true love, he can’t imagine giving up either of his deliciously kinky lovers…not when he’s falling for both. Could the definition of “true love” include a ménage with two hunky men? Linc can’t possibly be that lucky.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire Engine Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from Fire Engine, available this Friday, August 9.  Click here to see the back cover blurb.  Enjoy the taste of Fire Engine!

Fire Engine
by Tielle St. Clare
“I love how thick you are,” Linc whispered. He kissed JD and then bit down on his lower lip. “I want to feel you in my ass. Fucking me.” The picture filled JD’s head. “Pounding my ass hard and deep.”

The words combined with the fast, shallow strokes of Linc’s hands and JD couldn’t hold back any longer. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t stop the soft cry that broke from his lips as he came, spilling across Linc’s hands. The scent of come filled the space between them. Seconds later, Linc shot, his cream splattering across JD’s stomach.

Release weakened JD’s muscles and he leaned against Linc, taking the opportunity to kiss the sexy man.

Damn, he couldn’t believe they’d done that.

Finally, Linc pulled back, his lips spreading into a wide grin. “I won. What do I get?”

“What do you want?”

“What does JD stand for?”

JD winced. He never, almost never, told people his real name. It was too embarrassing. But if that was 
what Linc wanted for winning, he couldn’t get out of it.

He sighed. “James Dean.”

“Like the actor? What’s wrong with that?”

“Because my dad really wanted it to be ‘Jimmy Dean’ after the sausage but my mom put her foot down.”

“You’re named after sausage?”

“My dad said I came about because of a little pork so why not?”

Linc dropped his head back against the tree and laughed. JD took the moment to pull his clothes back into place. There was nothing to do about his shirt. Linc had come all over it. He pulled it off over his head and draped it over his shoulder.

When Linc finally calmed down enough to put his dick away, they continued down the hill. The breeze fluttered across his bare chest, reminding him of why he was shirtless. He raised his t-shirt to his face and took a deep breath. The smell of sex filled his head and his cock gave a weak twitch of interest. 

No, he couldn’t get hard again but it was fun to think about.

A group of three teenage girls passed them on the path. They smiled flirtatiously at both him and Linc and once they’d gotten a few steps beyond, JD heard a smattering of giggles.

He smiled and kept walking.

“So, is that your kink?” Linc asked, his voice low.

JD glanced over his shoulder. “What?”

“Public sex. Is that your kink?”

JD tipped his head to the left and thought about it. “I guess that was pretty sexy, but no. That’s not my main kink.”

He took another couple of steps before he realized Linc wasn’t behind him. He looked back. Linc stood 
on the trail, his forehead furrowed in thought.

“Something wrong?” he called out.

“No, just trying to figure out what weird kind of kinky sex you’re into.”

Linc clearly hadn’t noticed the man jogging down the path behind him. The guy pulled to a stop. He looked at Linc, then at JD.

“If it’s threeways, count me in.”

Linc jerked back and then looked at the guy. The newcomer was good-looking, in a skinny runner sort of way. His abdomen had no fat but no definition either.

“Is that it?” Linc asked.

JD laughed. “No.” He turned to the stranger. “Thanks for the offer though.”

The guy shrugged and took off running. Linc followed more slowly, speculation still dominating his gaze.

“You’re still not going to tell me?”

“I stand by what I said before. It’s kinky but not too creepy.”

“Creepy is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Which is why I’m letting you get to know me first!” JD laughed and grabbed Linc’s hand, pulling him down the hill. “Come on.” He didn’t rush. When they met their first group of hikers, he dropped Linc’s hand but they stayed close together, chatting softly as they went downhill. This was a favorite hiking spot of his but now he looked at it with new eyes—different places where he could fuck or suck Linc.

He damn well wouldn’t forget the lube and condoms the next time they came up here. The image of Linc, bare-assed and leaning against a tree, begging to be fucked, took up residence in JD’s brain.

“You okay?” Linc asked.

“Yes, why?”

“You groaned like you hurt your ankle or something.”

“Oh, just thinking about fucking you against that tree and wishing I’d brought lube and condoms.”

This time Linc groaned. “Damn, you need to warn a guy before you say something like that.”

He turned and flashed a smile at Linc. “Don’t worry. I won’t forget next time.”