Friday, July 18, 2014

Girls Night Out!! Let's Have Some Fun!!

I'm so excited to be in this anthology with Alyssa Breck, Beth Williamson and Saranna DeWylde!  Check out the gorgeous cover!  Girls Night Out Volume #3 will be available August 4th!  You will not want to miss it. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusive excerpts!

When it's girls night out, anything can happen…Join best-selling authors Alyssa Breck, Beth Williamson, Saranna DeWylde and Tielle St. Clare for a ride on the wild side. From a mind-blowing night with a rock star, to a cowboy stranded in the snow with a beautiful redhead, a gargoyle and a witch, to two cat-shifters who find a night with a bimbo will blow their feline minds. Join the deliciousness and discover what happens when it’s girls night out…

What’s New, Pussycat? By Tielle St Clare
Fate is a fickle bitch. 
After years hoping to find their mate, cat-shifters Matthias and Joshua can’t believe fate has landed her right in their laps—busty and beautiful, they know Bambi is the perfect woman for them.  Until she speaks. Surely fate doesn’t intend them spend their lives with a brainless bimbo? 

Lions and tigers...oh my!
Private Investigator Bambi is there to do a job. Maintaining a ditzy personality makes men under estimate her which she uses to her advantage.  Her only challenge with this case is not falling for the two sexy men she was sent to investigate.

Unraveled by Alyssa Breck
Evie Brant lives under the romantic radar until a coworker invites her to a concert where she meets Lyle Crane, the sexy singer of a heavy metal band. A little harmless flirting between the shy paralegal and the outgoing rock star provokes a crazed fan to eliminate her competition. The chemistry brewing between Evie and Lyle is just right, but neither of them are quite prepared for what fate has in store for them.

The Present by Beth Williamson
One night can change everything

Ethan Malloy has distanced himself from the world after his wife’s death. Two years have passed in self-imposed loneliness. During a fateful snowstorm, he finds a stranger in his house when he returns. Ethan’s life will never be the same.

Fiona Carmichael didn’t intend to get lost in a snowstorm or end up spending the night in a house with a man she barely knew. He made her yearn for what she’d never found—a home, a man to love and be loved by.
Circumstances threw them together, but will they take the life fate offers them?

How to Seduce A Gargoyle in Ten Days by Saranna DeWylde. 
Got Gargoyle?
Ginger Butterbean would like to, but she’s not sure how to go about it. Her marriage of a hundred years has crumbled to dust and she’s worried her witchy bits might be so full of cobwebs, they’ve malfunctioned. She needs sexy gargoyle Slade Nightwing to remind her what it means to be a witch and that love isn’t a fairytale.

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