Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (Welsh Wolves 2) is available now for Kindle, Nook and other e-reader formats. 

A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
by Tielle St. Clare

The wolf lay on his bed, its nose buried beneath Kieve’s pillow.

“Your owners really have spoiled you, haven’t they?” Kieve walked to the side of the mattress. “No. You are not sleeping in my bed.”

The wolf whined and pressed forward, pushing deeper into Kieve’s pillow. The animal’s tail thumped against the bed. After a few seconds, the wolf raised his head and looked back at Kieve as if to say, 
“I’m already here. Come pet me.”

“Damn, you are just too cute.” And Kieve wasn’t overly confident he could drag the wolf back into his office. Giving up, Kieve sighed and crawled into bed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He nudged the wolf over and the animal wiggled to the side, not going far but leaving Kieve much space. He stretched out and the wolf was there, pressing against his side, tapping Kieve’s hand with his nose. “Now, none of that. I’m letting you stay, but you need to sleep.”

As if disappointed but willing to take what he could get, a heavy sigh left the animal’s chest. He sank down on the mattress, and closed his eyes.

“I’ve got to be crazy,” Kieve whispered in the dark. He placed his hand on the dog’s side and let his own eyes close.

Kieve heard the doggy whimpers and reached behind him to soothe the animal, patting the wolf on the shoulder. He must have fallen asleep though he didn’t really remember it.

Only instead of fur, his hand connected with skin. Warm smooth skin.

He sat up and whipped around, staring down at the man in his bed. Impossible. There should be a dog, wolf, whatever.

The guy raised his head and smiled up at Kieve, the grin wicked and tempting.

“Crazy dream, huh?” The deep cool voice crept across his skin like a caress.

“Dream.” Yes, it had to be a dream. He’d gone to bed with a dog beside him. He couldn’t wake up next to a very naked man. Vivid blue eyes stared at him framed by a stark shock of black and grey hair. The shoulder-length locks matched the wolf’s coat.

Fuck. I’m dreaming about an animal?

His dream man slipped his hand beneath the blankets, strong fingers sliding over Kieve’s thigh.
Dazed, his senses clicked, telling him he was awake even in the middle of a dream.

“I’m going to be so disappointed when I wake up and realize you’re not real.”

The beautiful man smiled. “Maybe I can make the memory worth the disappointment.” 

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