Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Excerpt

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing is available now for Kindle, Nook and other e-reader formats. This is book 2 of the Welsh Wolves series.  Reese gets his chance at love and you'll find out what it truly means to be a Welsh Wolf! 

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
 by Tielle St. Clare

Coming to his feet, he scanned the room. It was empty of living creatures except for two weak signatures in the corner. He processed the glow and realized they were dogs, one of them just a puppy. The animals stood up when he did and began barking, the sounds meant to warn the wolf away. Even in human form, they sensed his other side.

Pulling back his lips, he growled in the general direction of the sounds and was satisfied to hear the barks turn to whines.

He ran his hands along the smooth table. Exam table. His stomach clenched and he was glad he hadn’t eaten anything tonight. The memories of that lab stayed with him as he slowly explored the room. The only thing that kept him calm was the fact that there were no other werewolf scents.

Everything he touched and sensed confirmed his first conclusion that he was at a vets office. But where the hell was he? And how was he going to get home?

He needed a phone, a real phone. He reached out and ran his fingers across the wall, hoping the vet had a landline.

A soft sound in another part of the building caught his attention and Reese froze. Heavy footsteps padded across the floor, growing louder as they got closer.

Knowing he couldn’t explain his human presence, Reese called on his wolf, taking a breath and making the change. He crushed the human groan that threatened as the pain flooded his skin. Within seconds he was on the floor, once again in full wolf form.

The moon’s pull had weakened in the last few hours giving Reese more control over the animal. He kept a tight grip on his wolf, restraining the animal. The wolf’s natural instinct would be to defend and attack the human threat.

The door opened and a brilliant aura entered the room. Reese blinked, his human mind enough in control to process the beautiful mix of colors emanating from the man. Bright reds and blues, the colors blurring into a vivid purple. Passion and kindness reverberated from the large body.
Reese licked his lips, wishing he could actually see the man. The brilliant colors revealed the man’s spirit, but Reese wanted to see his body.

“Hey, little wolf...”

The deep voice called out gently. Reese crouched in the corner, watching the vet walk across the room 
toward the kennel.

“Are you—? Oh, shit.” The man’s colors changed, glowing with the bright yellow of fear. He froze and slowly turned.

Reese again clamped down on the wolf, not wanting to scare the pretty human any more than he had.

“There you are,” the man said, his voice still low and gentle, but fear made the words tremble.

The wolf sniffed the air, capturing the delicious scent of the human. Mate.

The word rang through Reese’s head like a stun gun. He froze. His chest tightened. His heart pounded. What? No, I can’t have a mate. The momentary hesitation gave the wolf the opening it needed. The animal shook off Reese’s control. He leapt forward, straight toward the man, landing hard against the man’s chest, tail wagging, tongue hanging out.

From the corner of the wolf’s mind, Reese moaned. The damn animal was acting like a puppy getting his first belly rub.

If the guys found out about this, he'd never live it down.

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