Friday, August 9, 2013

Fire Engine is out today!

I'm very excited about this story. It's sexy and funny and has 3 amazing heroes.

Book 4 in the Red Panty Diaries series.
A simple game of Truth or Dare, and poof…Linc ends up wearing a cursed wedding dress. Worse yet, Elliot, the man of his dreams, sees him in the ugly gown.

His sister-in-law warns Linc that since he’s worn the dress, he must find his true love or bad things will happen. He thinks she’s crazy. Elliot has finally noticed him, and the firefighter has introduced Linc to the wicked world of BDSM. Then Linc meets JD, a sexy cop who’s more than willing to fill in any empty spaces in Linc’s sexual repertoire. Life is as far from “bad” as it could get!

But when the dress indicates only one of the men is Linc’s true love, he can’t imagine giving up either of his deliciously kinky lovers…not when he’s falling for both. Could the definition of “true love” include a ménage with two hunky men? Linc can’t possibly be that lucky.

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