Saturday, May 7, 2011

Marvin Excerpt

Scene Set Up.
A new Fairy Godmother has accidentally sprinkled some sexed up Happily Ever After Fairy Dust on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Marvin has entered the tale to save it. Only, Goldilocks (all grown up and ready to play), isn't cooperating.

Thankfully, this was a simple and short tale. It wouldn’t take much to complete.

“Listen, Miss…Locks,” he started lamely. “You see that house behind me. I need you to go there.”

“Okay.” She gave an agreeable shrug.

“Once you get there, you should be able to figure everything out. There’s some porridge…”

“Ugh, I’m not much of a porridge kind of girl.”

“And three chairs…” he continued, refusing to let her distract him any more than she already had.

“Don’t need three chairs.” She slapped her backside. “Only got one ass.”

He blushed. “Right. And three beds.”

“Hmm. Now that sounds fun.” She strolled forward, her eyes trained on the house, her mouth a little bit open. “Are they empty?”

“The beds? Uh, yes. For now but in a little bit, three bears are going to come home and find you—”

She shook her head and backed away. “Uh-uh. Not happening. I am so not into wildlife.”

“But you have to.”

“No. I don’t.” She hitched her thumb over her shoulder, the direction opposite the Bears’ house. “There’s a town just over that hill with a wicked pub and some really hot Woodsmen. I’ll head there.”

“But—but what about the Bears?” Marvin yelled at her back.

“I don’t do wildlife,” she called over her shoulder as she sauntered away.

Marvin tried to think of something to say but the flip-swish of her ass peeking out from beneath her short skirt momentarily made it impossible to find the right words. Hell, it was impossible to find any words, except for maybe “fuck me”.

The phrase startled him—he never thought in those terms—but not even surprise forced his eyes away from her pale ass. Until she disappeared over the rise.

He sighed, hard and long. What was he going to do now? Not only wasn’t the tale proceeding as planned, he didn’t even have a Goldilocks anymore.

Martin was going to kill him. Just murder him. Or banish him. Marvin’s stomach clenched. Martin might banish him to the Real World like he’d done with Marlena. Only Marlena had her true loves. Marvin would be alone.

No, he couldn’t let it happen. There had to be an answer. Some way to fix this.

Wind whipped through the trees, blowing a strand of blond hair into his eyes.

Blond? That’s right. I’m blond. Or I was before I lost most of my hair. I could be Goldilocks. He nodded as the idea took shape. It would be a different version but he could explain that away, that they’d wanted a male star in this tale, just to see how it was received.

This might work. His heart started to beat again, pounding at a slightly faster than normal rate.

Marvin started toward the Bears’ home, his legs eating up the distance quickly. He stepped up on the porch and peered through the window. Looked empty. Good. He was still on track.

His reflection wobbled in the glass and he froze. The man staring back at him wasn’t right. He wasn’t short and balding. He was taller, though Goldilocks had still topped him by several inches, and had a head full of hair. The golden locks hung straight, stopping just beneath his chin. He looked down. The tan shirt he’d been wearing was open, torn apart as his chest had expanded. So that was the tearing sound.

Like Goldilocks, he was fascinated with his new body. He ran his hand across the hard muscles of his chest and down the gentle ridges of his stomach. I’m ripped.

Because the thing had been pulsing and twitching at him since he’d arrived, Marvin continued his exploration downward, his fingers running the length of his cock. A shiver raced up his spine, momentarily blinding him. Oh my. He yanked his hand away.
He’d seen Ethan, one of Marlena’s lovers, stroking himself, sliding his hand up and down his cock while he watched Hunter and Marlena fuck. At the time, Marvin hadn’t understood the appeal. Now he grasped the concept much more firmly.

With a vague thought that if he finished this tale quickly and properly, he might have a chance to do a little more manual exploration before he returned to Headquarters, Marvin grabbed the doorknob and cranked his wrist to the right. The door swung open easily and he stepped into the kitchen.

Three bowls of porridge were arranged neatly on the table. Marvin sighed at the normalcy of it all. This would be simple.

“Just eat the porridge,” he said aloud to himself. “Break the chair, sleep on the bed. And when the Bears show up, run screaming from the room.”

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