Monday, May 30, 2011

Collective Memory Excerpt (Adult)

Set Up: Cayl is an alien come to Earth chasing an evil alien. In Cayl's world, they don't have physical forms so he's never experienced having "senses". In this scene, Devin, Mace and Cayl enter a notorious sex club searching for the bad guy.

Collective Memory
By Tielle St. Clare
Available June 1 from Ellora's Cave

Fuck. Devin crushed the curse in her throat. She’d gotten herself into this, taunting Mace. Now she couldn’t brush it off, not without breaking their cover. And it had been her command that they blend.

“Bend over, hands on the table.” Mace’s low, penetrating voice filled her core and made her pussy clench.

She swallowed but it made no difference to the lump in her throat. A quick glance toward Cayl did nothing to calm her. He stood a few feet away, observing, his clever mind obviously recording everything. God, please don’t let him ask questions.

Taking a breath, she leaned forward and placed her palms on the table. She lifted her head and met Mace’s stare. The challenge in his eyes shot through her body. She could handle this. It was just a simple spanking. Or at least that’s what she thought he had in mind. Vanessa hummed softly, the sound mocking. Whether it was directed at Mace or Devin, she didn’t know. Didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to let some Elvira wannabe laugh at her or Mace.

Devin took the noise inside her and used it to power her resolve. She pushed her ass out and lowered her eyes.

“Please, Sir.”

“Very good.” Mace accompanied the words with a slow caress to her ass, his fingers measuring the curve. “Nice,” he said, his voice low, intimate. “I’m just going to warm your ass a bit, then finish when we get home. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her fingers curled against the wood despite the fact that she couldn’t grip the smooth surface. She wasn’t afraid of being physically hurt. She didn’t think Mace would actually beat her and her skirt would protect her from the sting but still the thought of being spanked, in public, made her heart race.

She waited, the anticipation almost too much before she felt the first strike. As she’d expected, the material of her skirt muted the sensation. She could do this. He’d smack her ass a couple of times and then they’d move on.

“Mace, Sir…” Cayl’s voice broke through Devin’s calm. “If I understand physical punishment, there should be some discomfort. Would it not be better to strike her bare skin?”

Her gasp resonated against the wood desk.

“Why, Cayl, I believe you’re right.”

No, no, no. He couldn’t be serious.

“Help me pull her skirt up.” Two sets of hands tugged on the hem of her skirt. Cool air rushed across her skin as they pulled the material high, forcing her to shift to draw it up to her waist. She did a mental flip through her morning and tried to remember what underwear she’d put on. Please don’t let it be the cotton granny panties. Not the granny panties. She remembered having them in her hand but couldn’t remember if she’d actually put them on or—

“Ooh, our slut is showing off for us today.”

Damn, the fluorescent-pink bikinis.

She shivered as warmth slid across her skin, Mace’s large hand cupping her butt cheek. He gave it a little squeeze. The heat in his hand sank into her pussy and it was all she could do not to press back against him. No, this wasn’t good. She had to—a faint hum, high, like a question, filtered through the air. And another hand settled on her ass, covering her other cheek, testing, following the curve.

“Nice.” Mace asked, giving her backside another squeeze.

“Yes.” Cayl mirrored the action. “Again, strangely compelling. Similar physical reaction to the sight of her bare breasts.”

His hand slid down, fingers dipping between her legs. Devin crushed a yelp. His fingertips traced the line of her panties, a breath away from her pussy. Her mind raced with the fact that she was wet, really wet and if he touched her he would know. And he would probably announce it to the world.

“Not so fast, slick.” Mace’s voice halted Cayl’s fingers. “We want to make sure her pussy is nice and eager before we give her any relief.”

“Hmm.” That masculine, assessing hum told her Cayl had put the concept into his memory. From what she’d read of his world, he wasn’t likely to forget. Cayl’s fingers slipped away. “Now you will punish her?”


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