Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Excerpt "What's New, Pussycat?" (Available Now for Pre-Order)

Just after Matthias and Joshua have met their fated mate.  

“Ooh and a good hugger too.” The red dress fluttered around her upper thighs, making Matthias wish for a gust of wind.

“What’s your name, honey?” Joshua asked. They weren’t touching any longer, but the other man hadn’t stepped away.

“Bambi.” She popped up on her toes, bouncing as she said it. “What’s yours?”


“I like that.” She trailed her finger down the front of his shirt. “Can you stay and join us for a drink, Josh-u-ah?”

“He has to get back to work,” Matthias announced. He knew his tone was gruff. It wasn’t that he was jealous—not exactly—but if Joshua was touching their mate, Matthias’s tiger wanted to be involved.

Bambi’s lower lip curled out in a pout. “Please, can’t you stay? I just love a big strong man to bring me drinks.”

“God, Bambi, stop being such a slut,” the blonde from the other end yelled.

Bambi didn’t seem to mind. She giggled and flopped down on the bench.

“But he’s so cute.”

The group all seemed to agree Joshua was cute and the man ate up the attention. Matthias slapped his bond-mate on the ass, sending him back to his place behind the bar.

“Have a good night, ladies,” Matthias said. He nodded to the women and turned, following Joshua.

“He’s a hottie, too,” he heard Bambi say as he walked away. “Yummy.”

Instead of heading to the bar, Joshua walked toward the elevator. An inconspicuous door stood on the far side. Joshua opened the door and waited for Matthias to enter.

The business offices and conference room  stood at the end of the hall.

Matthias stalked down the hallway and into his office, Joshua behind him by one step.

“Bambi?” Joshua asked as soon as the door closed behind them. “Our mate’s name is Bambi?”

Matthias nodded. He scanned the two large flat screens on the wall. Each screen had six video windows from the cameras placed throughout the club.

His eyes locked on the one outside, right near Bambi and her friends. As expected, they’d attracted a group of men, one was sitting entirely too close to their mate, his arm draped around the back of the bench, his knee pressed against hers. She seemed to be enjoying the man’s attention, leaning in, laughing.

A low growl rumbled from Matthias’s throat.

Joshua didn’t notice. He was still stuck on her name.

“Bambi.” He shook his head. “I have this horrible image of your tiger stalking a baby deer and devouring it.” Joshua sounded sickened by the thought.

Matthias grimaced but didn’t look away from the screen. Bambi took a big gulp from her glass. Without sound, he couldn’t be sure, but every time the man spoke, Bambi giggled and nodded. And touched. She touched the guy an awful lot.

“You’ve thought about this more than I have…” Joshua said. “Did you imagine our mate would be so…”

“Vacant?” Matthias offered when Joshua couldn’t seem to choose a word.

“I was thinking ‘slutty,’ but we’ll go with vacant.”

What's New, Pussycat? will be released September 17.  Available for pre-order now! Click Here!

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